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Bedgear Performance Bedding provides cutting edge technology in bedding accessories. Their patented Dri-Fit technology keeps the sleep surface cool and dry throughout the night and offers incredible comfort and style.



The Side / Back / Stomach Sleeper pillows feature the Dri-Tec covers and Air-X Ventilation Technology. A traditional fiber fill gives a familiar softness and feel and each pillow varies in thickness- to accommodate proper spine alignment depending on your preferred sleep position.

The dawn / dusk / night pillows are the top of the line position pillows which feature natural rubber foam, memory foam and the Dri-Tec covers as well as the Air-X Ventilation technology. These pillows offer unique support and feature the durability of natural rubber or memory foam.

The BALANCE pillow is a unique all-position pillow. Hypoallergenic natural rubber springs combined with self-leveling gel fibers gives the user of this pillow a soft and supportive rest.

The BG-X pillow is the BALANCE pillow’s memory foam cousin. An all-position pillow with a bit more give, the softness of the memory foam cradles your head and lulls it’s user to sleep. It’s sporty color scheme is an eye catcher from across the room.




Bedgear’s Dri-Tec Performance Sheets are smooth and conforming like silk and feature the moisture-wicking and cooling benefits of the Dri-Tec material. Extra fabric on each side is perfect for people who share a bed with a cover thief! Available in Aqua Blue, Bright White, Champagne and Solid Grey Sky, these sheets feature a Power Band, a heavy duty elastic band, that eliminates the frustration of a fitted sheet that doesn’t stay on– especially for deep pocketed mattresses!




We feature two of Bedgear’s mattress protectors: the Dri-Tec 5.0 and the Dri-Tec Xtreme 5.2 .

The Dri-Tec 5.0 is specially designed to wick away heat and moisture, allowing a cool, dry night’s sleep.

The Dri-Tec Xtreme 5.2 represents the latest in cutting edge bedding technology. Air-X BodyWEb mesh panels and elevated fabric pathways boost air circulation and enhance temperature regulation for ideal rest and recovery.

Both mattress protectors work as a fitted sheet and both provide important dust mite and waterproof protection.




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