Old Fashioned Mattresses in Lancaster, PA


“I don’t want one of those fancy, foamy, gelly, airy, watery beds. I want the kind of bed they used to make”.

Ok, like this?

No, just old timey style, not Ephrata Cloister style.

OK, got it. For those of you that want a traditional, well made innerspring mattress, Gardner’s Mattress & More features two great brands. Aireloom by Kluft and Gold Bond.

Aireloom by Kluft mattresses are still hand made, meaning that 1 or 2 mattress craftspeople make the mattress start to finish, instead of the assembly line method. Aireloom mattresses are also hand tufted. The buttonless tuft is hand-sewn from top to bottom, locking the upholstery layers and the innerspring securely in place to prevent shifting and bunching. To prevent body impressions these mattresses are “stuffed” with more material than should normally fit. This way even after years of use and after some of the natural fibers have broken down, it’ll still not have a body impression.


Gold Bond Mattresses have been produced by the same family in Connecticut since 1899. Gold Bond mattresses feature two significant differences than most mattress with the first being they are two-sided. Yes, these are still a flipable mattress that will last you 20 years and upwards. The second feature is that instead of using a foam edge-rail like most manufacturers, they still use a steel-on-steel method which is stronger and allows them to have pocketed coils go all the way to the edge of the mattress.

So if you want to take a walk down memory lane AND get a great night’s sleep – come toGardner’s Mattress & More.

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