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Have you ever heard of a “My Uncle’s Brother-In-Law’s Cousin’s 50% Off Sale?”  Well I haven’t either.  But frankly, I am surprised that the mattress industry hasn’t used this lame-o excuse for yet another sale.

MattressSale1As the old joke goes, is there ever a day mattresses aren’t on sale?

Why is that?  Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible for a retailer to make money when every day they sell their merchandise for 30%- 80% off “The Already Super Low Price”

I do, that’s for sure.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am certainly a person that appreciates value and expects to get it.  But I am not someone that shops on price alone and I certainly don’t recommend it when shopping for a mattress.

Guess what? For you hardcore comparison shoppers, at least in the mattress business, you will fail at this process.  Nothing against you or your shopping skills, but you are set up to fail.

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Low-Price-GuaranteeEver see or read about an “Unbeatable Price Guarantee”?  Well read the fine print and it says you must find the exact same model in another store and only then will they match the price and beat it.  How can they offer that?

Simple, each mattress store has their own mattresses with their own fabric covers and their own labels.  Often, what’s inside is the same or very similar – so similar and your back can’t tell the difference – and all that changes is  the “wrapper” or fabric cover and the name on the label.

So you can see, it is easy to offer an “Unbeatable Price Guarantee” when the deck is stacked in the retailer’s favor.

How does that feel make you feel as a potential customer?  How good are your negotiation skills?  Let me ask a hypothetical question…

You decide to purchase a mattress today at XYZ Super Duper Mattress Store, and you decide to purchase model ABC.  Two other people do the same on the same day. 

In a store where negotiating the price you pay is done on every sale, who wins?  Do you?  How would you feel knowing that two other customers got a better deal on the same mattress and you were the third place chump that paid $200 more than the first person, simply because they drove a harder bargain than you did.

If you are ok with that, then Gardner’s Mattress & More is likely not the place for you to shop for your new mattress.

But, if you appreciate value and are truly looking to invest in a better nights sleep, Gardner’s Mattress & More is the place to discover.

No Games at Gardner's80% of what we sell is what I would call “above board”.  Many of our mattresses are the exact same mattress whether you purchase them in Lancaster, PA or Lancaster, CA.  Oh, and the price is the same too.

We follow our manufacturer’s minimum advertised price policy because we signed an agreement to do so.

This is policy is not meant to “get over” on you by setting the price.  It is put in place by the manufacturer to take the price comparison pressure cooker out of the mattress buying process. It’s about a better night’s sleep, not high pressure. 

Here’s a question…

Most everyone reading this knows what a new iPhone costs no matter where you shop, correct?  $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32GB, and $399 for the 64GB model.  Why is that? Why is it the same everywhere? 

The Answer – Apple makes a great product that they offer at a fair price and simply is not something that should be discounted; the experience is just far too great.

Here’s one last example of the way the “good ‘ole mattress industry” works.  I won’t name names, but a large national department store that you or your parents likely grew up with and ordered regularly from their catalogs back in the day, routinely offers a 50% discount on iComfort by Serta mattress models.

Our iComfort Savant queen mattress set that we sell everyday for $1999 is priced at $4000 at this department store and you are “given” a phony 50% discount and POOF! – miraculously you save $2000 and pay just $1999!

How is that little old Gardner’s Mattress & More can offer their Savant set for $1999 when a behemoth department store, with huge buying power behind them no less, offers their Savant at a first column price of $4000?  Does this make sense?

No, of course not!  Sadly this department store thinks of you as unintelligent and is simply hoping that they can catch a few at that higher price!

So if you have decided that it’s time for a new mattress, be sure to visit Gardner’s Mattress & More – you will be happy you did.  You will be treated with respect and we will first work to discover what your sleep needs are and ultimately find the perfect mattress to help you wake up happy and pain free even if you have to get up at 5AM.

Remember: No Games at Gardner’s…

To your better sleep,

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