Gardner’s Gift Drive

Gardner's Gift Drive

Hello Everyone!

Looking to support a good cause this Christmas?  Gardner’s has partnered with Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster for our first annual “Gardner’s Gift Drive”.  We need your help!  From now through Saturday 12/17, Gardner’s is collecting new, unwrapped toys to be donated to children of clients using the DVS Service.  Gardner’s Mattress & More will contribute $5 per donated toy to DVS.  Additionally, for those interested in making a purchase from Gardner’s during the Gift Drive, Gardner’s will apply up to a 10% discount to your order based on the amount of toys you donate!*  Let’s help these local families provide a fun Christmas for their children!  We’d love to write a big check to DVS and with your help we can make a big difference in our community.  How cool would it be to donate 200 toys and write a $1,000 check to DVS??

Who is Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster?

Founded in 1976 as a component of the Community Action Program of Lancaster County, Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster County (DVS) provides assistance each year to approximately 1,700 victims of domestic violence and their dependent children.

DVS is the only agency in Lancaster County providing comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence. Services include: 24-hour Hotline, Emergency Shelter, Group and Individual Domestic Violence Education/Peer Counseling, Legal Advocacy, and Transitional Housing. All services are free* and confidential.

DVS is a partner agency of the United Way of Lancaster County, and a member of the Pennsylvania and National Coalitions Against Domestic Violence. DVS also serves as an advocate to educate the local community about the issue of domestic violence.


*Cannot be used on Tempur-Pedic or iComfort, or with other offers or on prior purchases.




Get to Know Gardner’s Mattress & More!

Gardner's Mattress & More

Hey!  I’m Ben McClure, owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More.  If you’re reading this, you probably know a little bit about Gardner’s, but I’d love to take a few minutes of your time and share a bit more of our story.  You see to us, selling a mattress or a piece of furniture is not just a job or something we take lightly.  You are our Lancaster neighbors.  Our friends and even our family.  Your sleep, and ultimately your health and well-being are important to us.  If I expect you to trust your sleep to us, you need to know who we are, and I’m happy to share.We have been locally, family owned and operated since 1990.  I’ve personally been with Gardner’s for 11 years and purchased the business from its founder Jim Gardner in early 2011.  Being a small business owner in tough economic times, I fully endorse supporting locally owned businesses and I strongly encourage you to do the same with your next mattress purchase.  My staff and I strive to do our very best for you, unlike the big-box chain store down the road just trying to get your money.  Our prices are competitive, our selection is unparalleled, and our service is superior.  You have my word.

Gardner’s Mattress & More is not your average mattress store.  We like to think of Gardner’s as a destination.  An experience.  A smarter way to shop for a better night’s sleep.  In fact, we’ve written a book guiding you through the mattress buying process called “What’s Keeping You Up at Night? A Guide to Overcoming Common Mattress Buying Mistakes”.  Ask for a FREE copy during your store visit or download a PDF here:  We are certain that the information in this book will ensure that your next mattress purchase goes smoothly and that the mattress you choose will better suit your individual sleep needs.

Have you ever been mattress shopping and said this: “if only I could try it before I buy it…”?  Well, now you can!  We’ve developed an innovative mattress shopping experience unique to Lancaster County (and perhaps the East Coast) with our “Dream Room”.  The Gardner’s Dream Room is a private mattress testing room where you can “test rest” any mattress in our showroom for as little as 15 minutes to as long as 4 hours.  No more guessing, no pushy salespeople, no gawking customers.  Just you and the mattress, ensuring that your future together will result in unbelievable sleep.  And because we feel so strongly about you using our Dream Room, every Dream Room mattress purchase comes with a 1 year exchange guarantee.  How’s that for a guarantee?

Who else is Gardner’s?  We’re the oldest authorized Tempur-Pedic dealer in Lancaster County (since 2001), displaying the 9 most popular Tempur-Pedic models on Power Adjustable Bed Bases.  We carry hypoallergenic, supportive and durable natural latex mattresses from pure LatexBLISS.  We are proud to offer Lancaster County manufactured products like Serta iComfort – gel based memory foam, and Five Star – a line of traditional coil products that provide a much better value than big brand names like Sealy Posturpedic.   Want luxury?  Check out our exclusive, hand-tailored and tufted Aireloom mattresses by Kluft.  Earl Kluft, creator of the personal luxury mattress,  and his world-class artisans use tried and tested methods of combining old world craftsmanship and unique advanced technology to provide the ultimate sleep experience and unparalled luxury for those dedicated to having the best of everything.  Oh yeah, Aireloom by Kluft is made in Lancaster County too!  Our mattress showroom truly covers from high to low and everything in between and we have a sleep solution for every sleeper and room in your home.

People always ask me, what does the “& More” mean?  Well, we specialize in products beyond the mattress that contribute to your good sleep and help make your bedroom experience enjoyable.  We have the very best selection of solid hardwood platform and storage beds in Lancaster as well as hardwood and pine kid’s bunk beds and bedroom furniture.  How about pillows, mattress protectors and sheets?  Yep, we got ‘em.  These items are just as important as your mattress selection.  That’s why every pillow we sell is available to test in our showroom before you buy…no guessing.  Our mattress protectors and allergy encasements keep your mattress clean and dust-mite free.  And we are the exclusive Lancaster headquarters for Dream Fit sheets – patented sheets that are guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to stay on your mattress.  Why waste time and money on overpriced, inferior sleep accessories at a department store?

One last note about our service, if I may.  If you choose to do business with Gardner’s, and I’m honored if you do, I want you to be assured that our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer service, no matter what you purchase from us.  We are proud to have our own, uniformed delivery crew who will professionally care for your merchandise from the time it leaves our store until they place it in your home, in the room of your choice.  They will inspect the product to be sure it is free of defects and will not leave until you are satisfied with our service.  Our delivery service even comes with a free 30 day in-home service guarantee if an issue were to arise during the first month of ownership.

No question about it, we want to be your local mattress and bedroom furniture store.  Please let us know what we can do to earn your business today.  If you would like to learn more about Gardner’s or learn how we can address your sleep needs, please do not hesitate to call us at(717) 299-6228 or click here to contact us.

To better sleep and better health,

Ben McClure, Owner – Gardner’s Mattress & More

Support Local Small Business…Everyday!

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day designated for supporting local retailers during the “big box” holiday shopping season.  Kudos to American Express for starting this awesome campaign to support small business.  It is absolutely the right message for all of us to support to get our economy back on track.  When we buy local, we support or friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis.  When we buy from a big box chain, do we know where our money is going?  As a small business owner, I firmly believe in keeping my money local by buying from someone I know and trust.  That’s what it’s all about, right?

For more info, click here.

The Dream Room @ Gardner’s Mattress & More

What is the Dream Room? 

The Dream Room at Gardner’s Mattress & More is a private mattress testing room designed to allow you a unique opportunity to “try before you buy” any mattress in our showroom, in a no-pressure, quiet environment.  The room is essentially a sleep sanctuary, adjacent to the showroom, but totally private and void of salespeople or other customers, so you can snuggle in and get comfortable.  Gardner’s is the only mattress store in Lancaster County that offers such an experience to you.  On a reservation basis, we will prepare the Dream Room with the mattress and pillows of your choice and proper mattress and pillow protectors along with sanitized premium sheets encase the mattress for a fresh experience.  A Dream Room appointment may be for as little as 15 minutes, but can last for up to 4 hours if desired.  The anticipated end result of a Dream Room visit is to ensure that the mattress that is being tested is the one that best suits your unique sleep needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I reserve a Dream Room appointment?  A Dream Room appointment is arranged after spending time in the Gardner’s showroom with one of our sleep consultants.  Our sleep consultants will help you narrow your mattress options down to the one you feel best suits your sleep needs.  If you feel you need additional time on the mattress (and we encourage you to!), a Dream Room appointment will be arranged.  A $50 deposit is taken upon reservation to get the room ready and a 4 hour window of time is determined during store hours.
  2. How should I use my time in the Dream Room?  Quite literally, take a nap!  This is your opportunity to “try before you buy”, so make the most of your time by paying attention to the support that the mattress provides and how your body feels compared to how you sleep at home.  A permanent fixture of the Dream Room is a power adjustable bed base, so many folks will experience the benefits of elevating the legs and head of the bed to customize comfort.  Some people will bring a good book and simply relax and some even choose to watch TV (The Dream Room had a flat panel TV with Cable!).  For couples, cuddling is encouraged, although we ask that the bedroom activity stop there out of respect for the room and future sleepers.
  3. Why do you charge $50 to use the room?  While the $50 deposit is non-refundable, it is 100% put towards your mattress purchase.  So in essence, it’s really not a fee, it’s a deposit towards a better night’s sleep!
  4. What do you do to ensure a clean sleep environment?  First, any mattress entering the Dream Room is encased in a proper allergy and bed bug proof zippered cover.  Second, we provide extremely high quality, fresh sheets and pillowcases.  Second, after each Dream Room appointment, they mattress is completely stripped of sheets and encasements and those items are laundered in our sanitizing washer and dryer which is located on site.
  5. I know that Gardner’s provides the pillows of my choice and premium sheets, but can I bring my own pillows and sheets? Absolutely.  In fact, bring your pajamas too!  We want you to get as comfortable as possible in the room so that you can focus on the mattress.
  6. What if I choose a mattress via a Dream Room appointment, but don’t like it when I get it home?  Don’t fret!  Every mattress purchased through a Dream Room appointment comes with a 1 Year Comfort Guarantee and exchange program.  If you don’t love your new mattress, we’ll switch it out with a mattress that you will!  Click here for more details

Sleep Like a Celebrity

Ronald Regan is coming to Lancaster, well, ok, he’s not but his mattresses are. All politics aside Ronald Regan ranks as the 8th (2000 WSJ survery) most popular President in history. He took office at the height of a recession and guided the country back to a position of economic strength.

I would like to think that part of the reason behind Regan’s success is due to his quality of sleep. I happen to know the mattress he slept on at the White House and those same mattresses are coming to Lancaster!

Upon winning the Presidency in 1980, President and First Lady Reagan insisted that every bedroom be prepared with Aireloom mattresses. Why? Because they are the absolute finest in quality and comfort. The President was given a lot of grief over his choice of mattress because at the time they were only made in California. Shipping them across the country was expensive due to high fuel cost and was questioned by many taxpayers, especially when there were multiple choices in the DC area to choose from. But the president knew that only Aireloom mattresses could deliver the quality of sleep an incoming president would need to lead troubled country back to prosperity.

In the 1940’s, Aireloom, the original Hollywood mattress, first made by King Karpen, a third generation master mattress maker was the choice of many movie stars, politicians and socialites due to their exceptional quality and comfort. Using only the finest of ingredients, Aireloom mattresses use complete layers of silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, memory foam and latex to deliver un-surpassing comfort. Coupled with a proprietary individually nested coil support system, the support system in the Aireloom mattress is unmatched in the industry.Continue reading

Introducing Aireloom at Gardner’s Mattress & More

By Susan Beam

Timeless, classic, handcrafted luxury. Prized by Presidents and the Hollywood elite. The Aireloom mattress line, which has long been acknowledged as the premier sleep surface for those looking for a traditional feel, is now available at Gardner’s Mattress & More, located at 830 Plaza Blvd., behind Park City Mall.

“We’re very excited to be offering this amazing line, which was once only available in high-end department stores like Bloomingdales,” said Gardner’s owner Ben McClure. “This is the perfect mattress for someone seeking luxurious quality and durability in a traditional feel. These mattresses are built the way things used to be.”

First made by King Karpen, a third generation mattress maker, Aireloom mattresses were known in the 1940s as the mattress of choice by movie stars, socialites and politicians, including President Ronald Regan, who requested them for the White House.

Since then, the company has been taken over by Earl Kluft, who remains dedicated to maintaining the same level of fine quality and craftsmanship. Otherwise known as “The Wizard of Ahh’s,” Kluft has been known to make personal visits to customers to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied with their purchase.

Constructed by artisans using time-tested methods, each Aireloom collection has its own very unique attributes that make each one truly a delight. The Monogram collection is the absolute best of the best. Featuring a boxspring (yes, boxspring!) of individually pocketed coils that are foam encased and hand tufted, this boxspring adds a level of comfort no longer found in today’s typical mattresses. Then, top this exceptional boxspring with an even greater mattress that has enough latex and memory foam to average three traditional mattresses. This is setup is supported by a Holland-made, nested, pocketed coil to provide the best support.

Within the Preferred collection lies a true throw back to days gone by, with an eight-way Italian twine hand-tied boxspring. It takes two artisans all day to make just twelve boxsprings. The mattresses are cotton encased and side-stitched with 642 stitches to ensure that all the components stay in place. The Preferred Sinclair has had the same specifications since 1942; it is that good there has been no need to change it.

Lastly, the Hybrid collection features organic cotton covers, wool and a patented adapt-and-react filling system that allows the mattress to vertically conform to your body, instead of your body being made to conform to the mattress.

“At one time, Aireloom mattresses were only produced on the West Coast,” continued McClure. “Recently, they’ve opened a production plant here in Lancaster County. Customers receive the best of both worlds – enduring quality with local, home-grown care and accessibility.”

Anxious to feel the quality of an Aireloom mattress? Don’t delay – make an appointment in Gardner’s unique Dream Room. The Dream Room is the only way to truly get the full experience of a new mattress before taking it home. A private mattress testing room that is finely appointed and allows you to try before you buy so you are able to make sure your mattress is the right fit. Book an appointment and read a book, watch TV or simply take a nap. Appointments are taken in time blocks of up to four hours and each mattress purchased through a Dream Room appointment also comes with a One Year Comfort Guarantee and exchange program. To make an appointment, or for more information, call 717 (299) 6228. Call today, and indulge in the experience of an Aireloom mattress.

Gardner’s Mattresses & More: Consumer Advocates and Educators

By Susan Beam

In today’s shifting economy, many consumers are learning to shop frugally – hunting for bargains, watching for sales and clipping coupons. But frugal shopping ceases to be smart shopping when the product in question proves unsatisfying, unreliable or even worse, hazardous.

“Mom always said, ‘You get what you pay for,’ and this adage rings especially true for your mattress,” said Ben McClure, owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More. “More than just a piece of furniture, your mattress is the place where each night, you go to rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Having the right sleep surface can make a significant different in achieving a deep, refreshing night’s rest.”

It’s easy to be seduced by slick advertising gimmicks. But there are other important questions to consider. For example, does this mattress meet my needs now and in the future? Will this mattress help me sleep better, so I can be more productive? Will this sleep system be an advantage in addressing health problems and procuring better health?

“We like to think of ourselves as consumer advocates in the mattress business. In the medical field, you’re advised to always get a second opinion. In the mattress business, we’re here to offer that second opinion, particularly on mattress selection and fair pricing,” said McClure.

Gardner’s is also ready, willing and able to provide sound sleep advice and mattress education, and recently published an informational guide, What’s Keeping You Up at Night: A Guide to Overcoming 11 Common Mattress Buying Mistakes. Copies are available at the store, located at 830 Plaza Blvd., behind Park City Mall, or on the web at

“There are values in every price range. We strive to determine your needs, and then find the best mattress to meet that need. In other words, we match the mattress to the customer, and we’re always happy to help,” explained McClure, adding that even after purchasing from other retailers, some customers have stopped by Gardner’s, uncertain that the prior purchase was in their best interest.

Far from a faceless corporation, Gardner’s emphasizes customer relationships and interactions. “We’re a local business, and we’re active in our own community,” said McClure. “Our customers are our family, friends and neighbors, and their comfort is our major concern.” An added advantage to buying locally? Delivery costs are kept low, and Gardner’s has their own team for a safe and efficient delivery.

For more information, or to sample a sleep system in Gardner’s exclusive and unique Dream Room, stop by the store, or call (717) 299 – 6228.

Invest in Your Sleep at Gardner’s Mattresses & More

By Susan Beam

Imagine a night of deep, restful sleep, followed by a day of being totally alert and engaged for every moment – no morning fog, no afternoon fatigue. With the right mattress ensuring a good night’s sleep, this fantasy can become a reality. At Gardner’s Mattresses & More, Owner Ben McClure and his experienced staff can offer suggestions and guidance to help you improve your nights, which in turn, will benefit your days.

“What many people may not realize is finding the proper sleep surface is part of making the conscious decision to invest in yourself as part of a healthy lifestyle,” explained McClure. “The proper sleep surface and position not only ensures a refreshing night’s sleep, but also directly contributes to the management of serious health concerns.”

With their recent move to 830 Plaza Boulevard, located across the street from Park City Mall, Gardner’s expanded showroom is sure to have a mattress to satisfy everyone’s needs. “I like to think of us as educators and consumer advocates in the bedding industry,” said McClure. “Our goal is to educate our customers so that each one ultimately finds the mattress that will suit their individual sleep needs.”
Since 2001, Gardner’s has been Lancaster County’s headquarters for Tempur-Pedic mattresses, which are widely recognized for their therapeutic support, unmatched durability and maximum comfort. Gardner’s proudly displays 9 different Tempur-Pedic models including the very popular new Cloud Collection, which offers a softer, more luxurious feel than previous Tempur-Pedic models.
“With a 90 percent customer satisfaction rate, Tempur-Pedic is distinctive for combining their proprietary Tempur Material with varying degrees of firmness to create the perfect fit for each individual sleeper,” McClure explained.

For a value alternative, Gardner’s also offers the new and exciting Serta iComfort line of mattresses. “Serta has infused gel into their memory foam, so the iComfort mattress not only provides buyout support for pressure points, but also dissipates body heat, retaining a cool and comfortable temperature throughout the night,” said McClure, adding that the iComfort, with its modern construction, is also aesthetically pleasing.

The perfect complement to any mattress is a power adjustable bed base. Finding the right sleep position is a science, and it’s important to note that many people cannot lay flat to sleep. “Minor adjustments to your sleep position (elevating your head and legs) can make huge differences in relieving issues such as lower back, muscle and joint pain, sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and poor circulation,” said McClure.

Want to see for yourself? Set up an appointment for Gardner’s revolutionary Dream Room, a private area where customers can test any mattress from the showroom in a bedroom-like environment. “Our Dream Room even features a power adjustable bed, so customers can experience the benefits of adjusting their sleep position,” said McClure.

With their Grand Opening Event going on, now is the perfect time to stop by Gardner’s and improve your sleep. Weekly contests are being held, with prizes of FREE Tempur-Pedic pillows and FREE 6 piece sheet sets, and through September 5th, enter to win $2,000 towards the Mattress of Your Dreams, or a FREE Zero Gravity Massage Chair!

Gardner’s Mattress & More: New Location, Same Great Service

By Susan Beam

The average person spends roughly 20,440 hours a year sleeping. For the past 20 years, Jim Gardner of Gardner’s Bedrooms has been helping his customers choose their personal sleep surface, ensuring each one of those 20,400 hours are spent in maximum comfort and support. Despite Jim’s passion for improving others’ sleep, he made the difficult decision to retire this past March and close his store on Rohrerstown Rd. But don’t worry; Jim’s Gardner’s legacy will be carried on in a brand new location by his General Manager and 11 year employee, Ben McClure.

Voted the region’s “Favorite Place Buy Mattresses” in the Lancaster Newspaper’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards, Gardner’s has long upheld high standards for customer service. Now, with a new name, “Gardner’s Mattress & More” and a new, larger location at 830 Plaza Boulevard, Lancaster, Ben and his knowledgeable staff are continuing that tradition as Lancaster’s best resource for mattress buying advice.

“We consider ourselves consumer advocates in the mattress business,” said McClure. “Buying a mattress is making an investment in yourself, your sleep, and your health. The proper sleep surface can make a huge difference in relieving sleep issues such as lower back, muscle and joint pain, sleep apnea, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and poor circulation.” Gardner’s Mattress & More will continue to match the right sleep surface to each customer based on their unique sleep needs.

Mattress buying can be an intimidating process, and Gardner’s understands that. In order to help their customers become better informed, they’ve published a book, “What’s Keeping You Up at Night?” A Guide to Overcoming 11 Common Mattress Buying Mistakes. For a free copy, stop by the new store, or visit

The expanded showroom at 830 Plaza Blvd will feature new products, but the centerpiece remains Tempur-Pedic. Gardner’s has been Lancaster’s headquarters for Tempur-Pedic mattresses since 2001. Each Tempur-Pedic model is prominently on display and offers therapeutic support, unmatched durability and maximum comfort, including the best-selling Cloud Supreme and wonderfully comfortable Cloud Luxe.

Or, if you’re interested in the next generation of natural mattresses, Gardner’s proudly carries industry leader Natura. Covered in organic wool, cotton and bamboo, the Natura natural and sustainable, hypoallergenic latex mattresses are designed to provide buoyant comfort and support while regulating body temperature and reducing pressure points.

In addition to mattresses, Gardner’s also has a wide selection of power adjustable beds to customize your sleep positions, beautiful bedroom furniture (specializing in platform beds), and an expanded section of youth furniture. Or, try their brand-new, zero-gravity massage chairs. “We invite everyone to stop by for a free demonstration with our massage chairs,” McClure said. “Not only are they great for achy muscles, but also help with spinal decompression and improved circulation.”

With their new store, located behind Park City Mall, near Pier One Imports, Gardner’s is sure to have the right product to meet your sleep and comfort needs. “We have a great new location, and the same dedication to exceeding our customer’s exceptions,” said McClure. “Stop by and let us help you achieve your best sleep.”

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