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The Gardner’s Experience: Finding Your Perfect Mattress & Giving Back

Does mattress shopping have you down? Look no more! Come to Gardner’s Mattress & More, where you will have a one of a kind experience from the moment you step foot in the door.  Whether you’re looking for yourself, or even your furry friend, Gardner’s has you covered! Their pet beds can be custom made just for your four-legged companion. For a more personal touch, you can buy a “stuff sack” to fill with your very own old clothes!



Gardner's Mattress and More Fill Station Pillow KioskOnce you filled all your furry friend’s needs, don’t forget to treat yourself. Stop by the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk! This means pillows created for you, by you! You choose the case, fill type and cover. Each pillow comes with a 5-year “Re-Fresh” guarantee – allowing you to re-fluff any Fill Station pillow for 5 years!

Now that you’ve treated you and your loyal friend, it’s time to treat someone in need. With Gardner’s Give Back Mission program, you can effortlessly give back to the community. With the purchase of any mattress, Gardner’s Mattress and More provides you with a Gardner’s Give Back bag. Simply take the bag home and place nonperishable food items in it; however much you feel is necessary or are able to offer (even the smallest amount helps!). When your new mattress is delivered, just turn in your bag and they’ll do the rest! Gardner’s will even match the total donation pound for pound!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit co-owners Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo at Gardner’s Mattress and More to find out even more interesting things!

We Love Pets @ Gardner’s

We Love Pets @ Gardner’s!

Gardner’s Mattress & More is now excited to offer custom made, custom filled dog and cat beds in our store.

We love pets at Gardner’s and in fact support local animal rescues with our Gardner’s Gives Back Charity.

With our Molly Mutt pet beds you can have a custom filled, custom made pet bed. You can simply choose a new duvet to put over an existing pet bed or you can have us custom make you a pet bed filled with your choice of fill material.

We offer soft poly foam and fiber. Memory foam and all natural options such as latex, goose down feathers and buckwheat hulls.

If you have tried and failed with other pet beds because Scruffy just didn’t like the new pet bed we offer what is called a “stuff sack”. A stuff sack is filled with your old clothes because there is no sweeter smell to your pet than your smell!

No matter how you choose to fill your pet bed from Gardner’s we have the answer complete with exciting patterns, colors and size options.

Check out this video and picture of color options or simply visit Gardner’s at our 830 Plaza Blvd location in Lancaster behind Park City Mall.

Not only do we help many people in Lancaster County wake up happy but now we can help your furry friends wake up even happier too!

Custom Mattresses at Gardner’s Mattress & More

You, a happy well rested sleeper?

It said that the human body has 33 individual vertebrae along with 640 muscles. There truly are no two people who are built alike.

Yet 100% of couples sleeping in the same mattress chose the same comfort and support in a new mattress as though they shared 33 vertebrae and 640 muscles.

The perfect combination of support and comfort should never come with compromise, especially given that you sleep one third of your life.

So why is that for so long people have actively chosen to compromise when it comes to investing a new mattress set?

Well, it likely has to do with the dynamics of how most other stores select their merchandise and who they buy it from. Did you know that over 70% of the mattress marketplace is dominated by only two large companies? And guess what neither of those companies offer a custom sides mattress solution. And because those two companies are privately held Wall Street corporate entities their solutions are designed for the masses and not the individual who desires a custom sides mattress solution.

What is this custom sides mattress solution you ask?

It’s possible you are envisioning two twin mattresses like your grandparents may have once used or what you saw on TV during the Golden Age of Television when it was actually against the law and considered scandalous to show a married couple in the same bed together.

But today’s custom sides mattresses are far from this archaic solution. Today on our showroom floor at Gardner’s Mattress & More you have a choice of up to 18 different solutions by which we can custom fit the individual needs of both you and your sleeping partner in the same mattress.

Gone are the days of settling. No more “well if you like it, I suppose I can live with it” statements. And with a custom sides mattress solution from Gardner’s you’ll never have to compromise on a great night’s sleep again. Once you invest and sleep on a custom sides mattress from Gardner’s there will only be happy mornings for the both of you, guaranteed.

Learn More about our Wake Up Happy Guarantee by Clicking Here

The saddest thing we hear in the store is that our customers have lived with or got used to a mattress set over time and now are suffering because of it. It’s not surprising, just exactly how well are those 33 vertebrae and 640 muscles supposed to feel on a mattress set that is unsupportive for you and not quite as comfortable as it should be for your sleeping partner?

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to waking up stressed, sore, stiff and more sleepy than you did when you fell asleep – it’s imperative that you visit Gardner’s Mattress & More to discover all there is in store.

Ben and I travel three to four times a year to our industries events to seek out the very best sleep solutions. Today we offer over 70 unique mattress and sleep solutions in our stores and have 18 unique to Gardner’s Mattress & More custom sides mattress solutions that are all designed to work with you the individual while supporting your and your sleep partner in bed, together.

Remember no two people are alike. No two people sleep alike, nor do they have the same sleep needs.

Isn’t it time to find the perfect mattress blended with the ideal amount of support and comfort for both of you without compromise?

Click here to schedule a mattress consultation today with one of our sleep experts.

Considering a Bed In a Box?


It seems like every day a fancy new Mattress-In-A-Box company floods the media with their latest and greatest mattress shoved in a box. Well, you know what – Gardner’s has one too but that’s only half the story.

If a bed in the box is what you truly want, why not try it before you buy it at Gardner’s? You’ll keep your money local, have it professionally set up and have 100% satisfaction with the Gardner’s 120 Night No Hassle, No Exchange Fee Wake Up Happy Comfort Guarantee. We want to help you avoid making a costly “online” buying mistake so please read the info below.

The truth behind Mattress-In-A-Box advertising:

“Mattress stores are greedy” claims one Mattress-In-A-Box retailer. “Don’t pay retail” claims another. Others attempt to help you with the “markup math”, hoping to show you just how much money “evil” brick and mortar mattress retailers make on each mattress they sell. One company even claims mattress retailers sell mattresses at a 1000% markup.

This would mean that if I sold a mattress for $1,000 I would only have paid my suppliers $100. While I run a profitable business, I can tell you for certain it is not THAT profitable.

Folks, please don’t be confused by their slick marketing – there’s no such thing as a non-profit mattress retailer. Every single Mattress-In-A-Box retailer is a for-profit company, just like Gardner’s Mattress & More and most other brick and mortar and online retailers you make a purchase from.

Profit exists in every business, no matter what the product or service is you’re buying. The profit in any sale is what pays all the bills a business incurs. At Gardner’s, the profit we make pays for the location we lease, the humans we employ, the lights we turn on and a myriad of other items too long to list. Seriously, it’s a long list. But at the top of that list is having enough revenues to consistently provide 5 star service, and for the last 7 years in a row your Lancaster County neighbors and friends have voted my store the Reader’s Choice Favorite Mattress Store.

Profit is also what sustains a business. Profit is what allows a business to be around for years. Often my mattresses I sell come with a 10 year warranty, if my business didn’t profit I would be out of business and how would be there to service your needs and issues should any arise?

If the Mattress-In-A-Box retailers didn’t profit in the same manner, how would they pay for their website, the customer service and manufacturing employees and the warehouses that stock their mattresses? You got it, they profit too.

While I don’t expect the average reader to understand markup figures, you’d have to be crazy to think that the markup on a mattress sold in a brick and mortar store is 1000%. I’ve been selling mattresses for 17 years and while I’ve seen some shady individuals in the mattress business, most independent local retailers are not out to “get the consumer” with ridiculous markups like these Mattress-In-A-Box retailers claim.

See, that’s the problem with most advertising today – advertisers can make nearly any shocking claim they’d like to, as long as they don’t defame one particular business entity. These companies are attacking an entire industry with false statements, undermining our good local reputations almost overnight and having to show no proof to back up their claims.

So many online retailers tell an origin story of being ripped off thousands and thousands of dollars by brick and mortar mattress stores, all while telling this story they say they built their companies on “transparency”. Yet, not even one of these companies is willing to showcase their sales receipt of the purchase that has so let them down. I find that a little odd.

And while I’m at it, it’s not a secret within the industry – many Mattress-In-A-Box retailers are actually losing money due to extremely high return rates, sky high advertising costs (reports show that these companies are spending $300 to make a sale, whereas in my business I spend less than $100 to make a sale) and have even raised their prices recently in reaction to the volume of returns they have to absorb. Combine that with the fact that many of these online retailers got their start from venture capitalist types looking for their piece of the action and money from your wallet at any cost.

So how is it that a company less than 5 years old can build a mattress warranted for 10 years (some even offer a ludicrous lifetime warranty) who has never turned a profit expect to be around in the long term? Sometimes folks it is just too good to be true.

All this to say – their outrageous claims about brick and mortar retailers are like the pot calling the kettle black. The Mattress-In-A-Box markup isn’t non-existent as they’d like to have you believe and the Brick and Mortal retailer’s margin is not exorbitant as they state. So, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about the mattresses themselves.

The graphic below is a good indication of the confusion you see among Mattress-In-A-Box mattresses:

What’s the Difference?

There are well over 150, you read that right, there are over 150 Mattress-In-A-Box online retailers flooding the market with their stuffed-in-a-box wares. The names of the companies and box labels are all different but what about the product in the box – what the difference?

The first HUGE challenge is the fact that you cannot try one of these mattresses prior to it arriving to your home. You’re relying on reading words on a page and other people’s experiences to make a judgement call on a product affecting your health and well-being.

Trusting your sleep to a bed crammed into a box that showed up on your doorstep. Don’t get me wrong – there are some very comfortable beds that come in boxes – but the challenge here is that you can’t try most of them before you buy it. The Wellsville 11? Mattress-In-A-Box mattress at Gardner’s is proudly on display in both our locations.

The next confusing thing about these Mattress-In-A-Box companies is the silly names they slap on their foam materials. Patented-foam-this, proprietary-foam-that, and more. I’m being silly myself, but these names don’t mean anything. In the end, most all are man-made polyurethane foam mattresses.

Typically, there’s a softer layer of foam (typically no more than 1”) on the surface, a transitional layer in the middle and a much thicker, harder layer on the bottom. Usually, these mattresses are about 9? to 11” thick.

The reality of this design is that you are not really even making a decision on a mattress, rather your decision point is truly on the top 1-3” of comfort material. You actually are picking out the comfort preference equivalent to a mattress topper. Not that much of a value if you ask me.

At Gardner’s, our Wellsville 11? Mattress-In-A-Box mattress is 11” thick and has three inches of premium gel memory foam on the surface. No fancy names, descriptions or claims – just a great bed for the value.

The last thing I’ll say about the “box” experience is twofold – first, it arrives in a box and needs to be unpackaged and man-handled into your bedroom by you, the consumer. Not a huge deal – unless you like lugging 60 pound+ two foot by two foot x 5-foot-tall boxes up your stairs. I also have to chuckle to myself of the videos of happy, blissful customers opening their mattress in a overly stylized bedroom setting. They never seem to show the pictures on the walls that were knocked off moving your mattress in the home and upstairs. Just like you never see a snippet of video showing people knocking lamps and alarm clocks off their nightstand as they flop their mattress on the bed or box spring.

Second, it’s just a mattress – what are you going to put it on and who is going to advise you of the proper support items needed for your mattress? Most box springs can’t be shipped via UPS/FedEx so Mattress-In-A-Box retailers ignore or gloss over this part of the transaction. At Gardner’s, we educate you on proper bed support and professionally deliver the mattress into your bedroom, for free. Why have free delivery just to the doorstep of only one half the system you truly need??

Is this just sour grapes from us?

You probably can sense from my tone throughout the page that I’m a perturbed by the way Mattress-In-A-Box retailers have “boxed-in” hard-working mattress retailers like Gardner’s. But my point here is not to bash the competition – simply point out the deception and lies they’re portraying. Plus, make sure you know there’s a better way to invest in a mattress to help you wake up happy and pain free. I present to you, the Gardner’s Mattress & More Wake Up Happy Promise:

I’m going to wrap this piece up with a nice big bow for you:

The Wellsville 11? Mattress-In-A-Box option at Gardner’s comes with our full 120 Night Wake Up Happy Comfort Guarantee.

While other Mattress-In-A-Box retailers allow returns, how in the world do you get it back to them? And is their return program free and easy to use and get your refund? And once you’ve returned a mattress now what, where do you go next?

At Gardner’s, there’s no exchange fee, no re-delivery fee and no hassle. Simply choose another mattress and we’ll take care of the rest.

We think you should come in and try our version but if you’re ready to buy, click the button below:


If you have any questions, please click the “Ask Ben” button on the right-hand side of your screen and shoot me a message. If nothing else, I’d love to hear your thoughts on buying a Mattress-In-A-Box mattress.


Ben and the team at Gardner’s Mattress & More

Mattress Firm Has Arrived

Likely if you’ve been paying any attention (if you haven’t we don’t blame you!) to mattress advertising on the radio or TV you’ve noticed or heard that Sleepy’s has been welcomed into the Mattress Firm family.

In the ever evolving battle between big vs. small, corporate vs. independent, and David vs. Goliath, you as a consumer have a choice to make.

There is no doubt that a company with 3500+ stores, in my opinion, should be able to buy more cost effectively and logically be able to pass those savings onto you the consumer. But the reality is a large part of what is being sold today is sold for the same price whether it is from a large national chain store or an independent store like Gardner’s Mattress & More.

Baring the private labels and made “special for us” mattresses you will find out there (AKA intentional confusion so that the consumer cannot comparison shop), most all other mattress brands have adopted a unilateral pricing policy. Meaning you find the same mattress, with the same fabric, name and specs at every store.

Apple maintains this same pricing policy on their products. An iPad® is an iPad® is an iPad® regardless of whether it’s purchased at an Apple store, Best Buy or Walmart. You have your personal preferences on where you shop but you know it’s the same product. This is great for the consumer as they know there is no sacrificing quality and specification because of where they choose to purchase.

At Gardner’s, about 90% of what we sell follows this unilateral pricing policy or as I like to call it – Transparent Pricing.

That’s what we are about, transparency. We live in our community. You will see us at First Friday, at the library, in a restaurant, in another local store, at community events.

We have to offer and purvey great mattress sets at a fair price that are worthy of your hard earned money and will be durable, comfortable and supportive as time goes on.

I like to say we have to eat our own cooking.

In the background, as Mattress Firm has rolled into town, here is what is happening behind the scenes. The prior acquisition of Sleepy’s is almost fully digested and the stores are transitioning to Mattress Firm’s banner and trade name.

We suggest that when shopping for a mattress you Google search the store you are considering for their reviews. I think you will find our reviews speak for themselves and Sleepy’s & Mattress Firm will do the same.

Mattress Firm, a public company traded on the NASDAQ exchange, is also in the process of completing their sale to another public company, Steinhoff International Holdings traded on the Frankfurt exchange.  

Learn more using these two weblinks,

In one aspect, I feel that this purchase is a good thing for the mattress industry as a whole. The owner of Steinhoff is a smart business owner with 7,500 retail locations throughout Europe and the African continent. His investment to purchase the company at a 200%+ premium of Mattress Firm’s stock price when the offer was submitted shows his commitment to long term success.

This bodes well for all employed there and the suppliers.

But what does that purchase price mean to you the consumer? In my opinion, it doesn’t mean rock bottom prices and best deals. At some point that 200%+ investment in current market valuation must be recouped.

At Gardner’s, we pride ourselves on being transparent, providing insightful information and education about your mattress purchase. We strive to help you to discover the best fit for your sleep needs and suggest a mattress set be both supportive and comfortable for years to come.

You will be hearing a lot in the upcoming months about how great Mattress Firm is, and in reality they are a big company that supports the communities they are in and provides for a lot of jobs.

And so does Gardner’s. We support our community with our Gardner’s Gives Back initiative. We are based here in Lancaster, support the tax base, employ locally – we don’t outsource our delivery team and we purchase mattresses from Serta which are made right here in Lancaster which helps to support about 100 local jobs as well.

You dollar invested in a good night’s sleep from Gardner’s stays right here in Lancaster County. It is not shipped off to foreign soil.

We would love to have the opportunity to showcase all that Gardner’s has to offer you and be put to the test. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Pillows So Fresh!

Fill Station Pillow Kiosk

Join us this week through September 17th and visit the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk at Gardner’s on Plaza Boulevard! 

It’s the “Pillows So Fresh!” Pillow Building Event. Is your current pillow old and in need of replacement? Does the thought of shopping for a new pillow frustrate you and make you procrastinate? Don’t do it! Stop by our Fill Station Pillow Kiosk and created the pillow of your choice; Choose your case, fill type and cover! You’ll get a fresh new pillow customized to your sleep needs and a 5-year “Re-Fresh” guarantee. We’ll re-fluff any Fill Station Pillow purchased with the easy 1-2-3 system for up to 5 years! It’s like getting a new pillow, every time!

Stop by Gardner’s on Plaza Boulevard and visit the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk today and Freshen Up Your Sleep Routine with a new, customized pillow from the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk!

Which Sheets Should I Buy?!


It’s the simple things that make life enjoyable- A cold glass of iced tea after a long, hot summer day. A relaxing Sunday drive through the countryside with your family. A night out with a loved one for a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here at Gardner’s we feel that a nice set of sheets can really transform your sleeping experience into something much more enjoyable. After all, isn’t it a wonderful feeling to lay down on a freshly laundered sheet set, at the end of a hectic workweek?

The problem that many people find with purchasing new sheets is there are many “features” that may be confusing or mean nothing to the person making the purchase. Thread Counts, Cool Sleeping, Deep Pockets… What does it all mean?!

Here’s a primer for sheets that may come in handy. When purchasing new sheets, consider these questions:

  • What even is a thread count, anyway?
  • Which material is the best material for me? Cotton? Bamboo? Microfiber?
  • How thick is my mattress? Do I actually need deep pocketed sheets or should I ignore that phrase?
  • Do I sleep hot? Can I buy a new set of sheets that may help cool me off during the night?

Dreamfit sheetsDreamfit sheets

Thread Count

Thread counts can be confusing and a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best sheet for you. Basically, thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. A higher thread count mattress will hold up longer, and generally feel softer. Conversely, a higher thread count sheet doesn’t breathe as much as a lower thread count sheet.

Lower thread count sheets are nice and breathable, however they may not hold up as long as a higher thread count. Lower thread count sheets are generally less expensive than higher thread counts and many folks are very satisfied with them.

If you’re a warm sleeper who doesn’t mind a thinner sheet, try a 200 Thread Count sheet. If heat is no issue, or perhaps you’d like a softer sheet, anything over 300 thread count will feel great.


Although Cotton is the most common fabric, there are other options out there. True Egyptian Cotton sheets are super soft and made with a higher quality cotton thread.

Many people enjoy Bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets can be almost as soft as Egyptian Cotton and tend to aide in cooling during those hot summer nights. Bamboo sheets are also very durable and will withstand many wash loads over the years.

Tencel is a popular option for warm sleepers. Tencel is manufactured from the Eucalyptus tree and converted into a fabric. These sheets tend to be thinner and allow great ventilation throughout the night. They also feel silky smooth, which many people prefer.

Outlast or other poly fibers are available as well. Man made fibers featuring Outlast, or an Outlast-type of material can also aide in sleeping cooler.

Microfiber sheets are super-affordable and provide a silky smooth feel as well. Some folks complain that Microfiber doesn’t breathe as well, so if you’re a warm sleeper, you may want to avoid these sheets.

Mattress Thickness

Some sheets indicate a mattress depth (“Fits mattresses up to 18 inches”, etc). For the most part, newer mattresses these days can range from 9″ all the way up to 18″ or more in depth.

Every sheet set that we sell at Gardner’s will accommodate any mattress on our floor, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

We also carry a line of sheets from a company called DreamFit, which provides four extra heavy duty straps on the fitted sheet portion of the set. These extra straps ensure that no matter the thickness of your mattress, your fitted sheet will not kick off and they are guaranteed to stay on. Check out our DreamFit sheets, here.

warm sleeper

Hot Sleepers

Some folks are extremely warm at night. Oftentimes our body temperature spikes when we fall asleep and this can cause discomfort. No one enjoys waking up sweaty and hot at 3am. There are a few specialty materials that you should consider, if this pertains to you.

Cotton sheets are the most common type of sheets sold. If you purchase a lower thread count sheet, the sheet will be more breathable and can aide in venting out some of that body heat.

Bamboo Sheets are cool, moisture wicking and durable. Generally as soft as cotton sheets but with a little more “Oomph”.

Tencel Fiber Sheets are sheets that have been made with Eucalyptus fibers which are processed into a fabric. These sheets are often thinner and super cooling. A great option for hot sleepers.

Specialty materials like Outlast are great at temperature control and if you like “cutting edge technology”, then these are the sheets for you. A relatively new product that was developed by NASA for it’s spacesuits, Outlast fibers are becoming more widely available in the bedding industry.

Considering all of these factors, one can make a better educated decision on sheet purchases. If you have any questions, take a look at our page devoted solely to sheets, here!

If you have further questions or would like to speak to a Gardner’s Team Member, here’s how to contact us.

Or, better yet, stop by Gardner’s on Plaza Blvd in Lancaster to get a closer look at everything we have to offer! We’re open 7 days a week and are happy to assist you!




Adjustable Bed Base Renaissance

Beautyrest adjustable

Ahhh the Adjustable Bed Base, so misunderstood!

Here at Gardner’s we’ve seen an uptick in interest in what some people derogatorily refer to as “Hospital Beds”. Most commonly heard in the statement “I don’t need a hospital bed! I’m not old!” Well, truth be told, hospital beds and adjustable bed bases are related. In fact, there’s a reason hospitals use them- they aid in the healing process and can be the difference in getting a good night’s sleep and getting a great night’s sleep!

The reason we use the term “Renaissance” is not to be pretentious. It’s a valid description of the current market. There is a wide variety of options for people ranging from basic needs to a true lifestyle bed base, complete with sleep tracking technology and wireless remote apps!

Selecting the best Adjustable Base for you requires some thought. Consider options such as vibration massage, optional remote control apps for iPads or Android compatible phones, USB ports for easy device charging and more. For a list of what we have to offer, click here to see our adjustable base page.

Many major mattress manufacturers have their own options to purchase as a complete bed set, or adjustable bases can be purchased separately. If purchasing separately, make sure your current mattress is compatible- most newer beds are constructed to complement adjustable bases. In most cases, all memory foam or natural rubber foam beds, as well as pocket sprung mattresses will work.

We’re happy to help guide you through the selection process, or even just to answer a few questions.  Check out the link below to get our free Adjustable Guide or contact us here for more informationStop by either of our stores to learn more and we’ll give you a free demonstration.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is kick your feet up and experience one for yourself!


Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Event!

Fill Station Banner


Urghhh! It’s Flat Again Fill Station Pillow Building Event

If you bought a pillow that’s gone flat in less than 6 months, you need to attend the Urghhhh! It’s Flat Again Pillow Building Event! In the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk, your custom made pillow comes with a Free 5 Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Service so that your pillow never goes flat, and will continue to support you as your needs change as low as $26. Remember, if you buy a pillow that is already made, it is not made for you!™

Let us build custom Shredded Memory Foam, Goose Down Feathers, Buckwheat Hulls, Shredded Natural Latex, and Shredded Poly Foam pillows at our Fill Station Pillow Kiosk, located at Gardner’s on Plaza Blvd in Lancaster. The Fill Station Pillow Kiosk is a unique way to build your own pillow and keep it re-fluffed and refreshed over the years. Stop by Gardner’s on Plaza Blvd in Lancaster, PA to see the Fill Station!


Introducing the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk!

Gardner's Mattress and More Fill Station Pillow Kiosk

Gardner’s has a new installation for you to “Ohh” and “Ahh” at! It’s the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk!

Affordable, 100% customized pillows that will work for anyone looking for a new pillow. Any sleep position can be accommodated, any mattress setup will work. Also, purchase the three step pillow (Shell, Fill & Protective Covering) and enjoy a 5-year refluffing guarantee! Never sleep on a boring, flattened out pillow again!

Stop by Gardner’s Mattress & More on Plaza Blvd and help us celebrate our Fill Station Pillow Kiosk Grand Opening Week!

Running August 2nd-7th, stop in create your perfect pillow by simply selecting from our five comfort fillers: Shredded Natural Rubber Foam, Shredded Memory Foam, Goose Down Feather, Buckwheat Hulls, and Shredded Poly Foam.

Mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind pillow! They’re perfect for Kids, Adults, Guest Bedrooms – anyone who needs to rest their weary head on a comfortable, customized pillow!

Custom pillows starting as low as $26!

Stop by our store to see it in action, visit our website to learn about the custom fills and then click here to learn more and RSVP for a custom fitted pillow appointment!