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How do I find the best support and comfort in a mattress?

Support vs. Comfort – which one is best when choosing a mattress?

Both! You must have both. A great mattress offers you a mix of both. The support found in a quality mattress will provide durable support for the heaviest parts of your body. Comfort will cushion and fill in to offer comfort and relieve pressure points will reducing tossing and turning.

But… There is a third component to finding a great mattress and getting a good night’s sleep so you wake up happy, and that is your sleeping posture. Watch the video to see me demonstrate what I mean when it comes to proper sleeping posture in bed.

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Why are two sided mattresses hard to find, do flippable mattresses exist?

The answer is YES! Two sided, flippable, or “old school” type mattresses still do exist and at Gardner’s we have an exciting assortment of them, 12 in fact on display for you to test out. From budget level to luxury level hybrids we have a great selection hand picked by Jeff & Ben for the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Two sided beds will no doubt extend the comfort life and enjoyment of your mattress versus a one sided mattress. You have four total sleeping zones in a two sided mattress versus a one sided mattress. This is not to say one sided mattresses are bad they offer value and some hold up and perform very well.

Your latex and memory foam type mattresses are better when made as a single sided option because the offer increased stability and support while being super comfy and if two sided the prices would be 30-40% higher. Value oriented beds are one sided as well and because of the need for value priced mattresses they are made one sided too.

Name brand level mattresses are one sided for a number reasons, mostly because they are most cost effective to manufacturer across their large scale operations. Additionally a one sided mattress is actually easier to pass when it comes to the government strict fire retardancy standards. All of this adds up to increased efficiencies when it comes to cost of manufacturing, materials and the price you pay.

If you’ve ever been let down by a one sided mattress that failed you prematurely be sure to seek out and try two sided mattresses, what is old is new again at Gardner’s Mattress & More in Lancaster, PA!




Gardner’s Mattress & More $5,000 Disney Vacation Contest

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As a small business we have any number of options available to us to grow our business and get the word out. Typically most businesses choose to spend money on advertising. However, advertising is very expensive and costly and truth be told even the advertisers, in our opinion, don’t have everything figured out and still very much rely on the ways of old to advertise the ads we pay for.

So….we realized that we have own advertising platforms we control 100%. Like this one, right here on YouTube. And our email marketing list. And our Facebook page. We can take the money we would otherwise spend on advertising (and let’s face it the last thing the world needs is more mattress advertising) and pay it back to our customers in the form of a fun, exciting and valuable contest!

Here’s the catch. It’s free to enter. You gain entry by referring your friends and family and coworkers, there is no purchase necessary to win. However, we are funding this 100%, this is a form of advertising. Therefore in order for us to award the prize we need to generate to $50,000 in sales from those you refer to Gardner’s Mattress & More for us to afford this prize.

In actuality this is very doable and we very much want to award the prize. So help us help you! Refer your friends, tell everyone you know about this contest. The holidays bring in guests to your home. Evaluate every mattress in your home, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Sheet sets and custom made, custom fit pillows and gift certificates make great gifts too! All of these sales, when referred to us, will help us “tip” this contest over and award an amazing $5,000 Disney Vacation!

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Pillow Fundraiser for your school and PTO fundraising needs!

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We understand the needs for your school & organization to fundraise and want to help. If you’re tired of the same old fundraisers – subs, chocolate bars, coupon books and even more frustrated with diminishing returns and chasing money and inventory – then you should consider a turn key pillow fundraiser with Gardner’s Mattress & More!

We offer you the ability to:

Bring our unique and one of a kind Fill Station Kiosk to you and your supporters.

Custom logo your pillows (school logo, sport, band, etc.) should you choose to do so.

Send out (to your email list, on your website, on your social media pages) a unique & secure online order form so we can process payment and simply write you a check for the total owed to you.

Full reporting of all sales will be provided as well. This means you never chase payments, bad checks, or have children that lose or misplace cash.

Hold a fun fill party at the school – you might even consider a pillow fight too!

We can even help you to create marketing pieces and video to help promote your event!

The best part of our pillow fundraisers is that Gardner’s is a local business who will support and service what you sell long after the sale. If the pillow anyone purchases isn’t to their 100% liking they can visit our stores and have the pillow adjusted, re-fluffed, or have the firmness changed for up to 5 years.

No more disappointed supporters of your fundraiser who are unhappy with their soggy subs, smaller quantity of pizza ingredients in the pizza kit, outrageously priced popcorn and coupon books that don’t stretch the dollar as far as they once did.

If you’d like more information about our fundraisers please contact us using the contact form on our website found here –…


Get your mattress shopping journey off on the right foot

Let’s talk about how you are sold a mattress. We all know that trying out mattresses in a store is difficult. It’s a different place where you’re not exactly as comfortable as you would be at home in your pj’s ready to relax and go to sleep.

Plus there’s a salesperson standing over you!

Not so the case here at Gardner’s Mattress & More. We are the originators of the Sleep Assessment, often imitated (very poorly I’ll add) but NEVER duplicated.

We begin with a simple conversation about how our sleep systems and mattresses fit your sleep needs.

Stop in and experience what 5 Star Service and 9 years in a row of Lancaster, PA’s favorite mattress can be like when shopping for a new mattress.

Futons vs. Sofa Beds vs. Daybeds

In this video post we discuss the differences between futons (not at all made you like you thought they were) versus sofa beds and daybeds.

Today the futons we offer at Gardner’s Mattress & More come in a variety of styles, comforts and even fabric choices. To begin with a complete futon package is comprised of three different components. Your frame, your mattress and the finished fabric.

Frames we offer are all wood frames for durability and style. Sure, there are cheaper metal frames out there, but they are cheaper. As such we wouldn’t put those items in our home so we won’t sell them to you for your home. We offer two different types of wood frames – solid hardwoods and solid oak frames with different arm styles to meet your design and style preferences.

When it comes to mattresses this is where our expertise to help you find the right fit in a mattress is immensely helpful. First consider will your futon be used for mostly sitting or mostly sleeping? Or will the time be split between both sitting and sleeping, and if so how often will you open and close your frame? All of these questions are best answered in person when you visit our store so we can help you find the right blend of comfort and support in your futon mattress as well as how your comfort choice fits the frame you choose for ease of use.

Lastly, when it comes to fabric there are no shortage of futon cover options available to you. However, we have found that most prefer a fabric cover that is tufted to the mattress so it presents as a crisp and finished piece of furniture. We have about 20 different solid color fabric options to choose from. We suggest selecting a color that fits your base decor and then if you want to spice up the style choose a futon cover that ties into a season, holiday spirit or other design choice you may like.

Compared to sofa beds futons are bar none far more comfortable simply because there is no metal bar in your back as is found in every sofa sleeper ever made. A quality futon mattress will be at least 8” in profile, sometimes up to 12” in profile and has many attributes you might find in premium mattresses. Additionally, a futon will fit easily in a basement or upper floor where turning corners in hallways and stairwells would present a problem for a traditional sofa sleeper.

Daybeds can certainly be great solutions for guest rooms with tight spaces but really only work well as a sleeping surface. To sit on them comfortably is not an option as you would need to sit over 40” back, or deep, into the daybed to rest against the back rest of the daybed. Compare this to most premium sofas or futons that sit about 25” – 28” in depth to the back cushion.

And while the premise of daybeds with a rollout pop up trundle & mattress in theory are nice, the reality is that the trundle mattress often needs to be less than 7” in profile. This means to have a usable “king size” mattress once the daybed is used with the pop up trundle & mattress combo you need to have both mattresses be 7” in profile which isn’t comfortable at all to sleep on or sit on. The alternative would be to have a nice quality mattress on the daybed side but this leaves you with an uneven combination when used as a “king size” set up.

In the end futons are far more versatile, comfortable and cost effective – plus, if one piece wears out, for example the mattress, you can simply replace the mattress. And should your style choice change, keep your mattress but replace the frame.

Why are good mattress reviews so hard to find?

If you’re looking for great advice when it comes to buying a new mattress go to

Let’s talk mattress reviews.

Where do you go, who do you listen to? Can you trust review sites? What about Consumer Reports aren’t they unbiased, think again!

In this video I reveal why mattress reviews are so frustrating and conflicting. In this episode I share some insights as to why good reviews on mattresses are hard to find. Leave your feedback in the comments and if you have any questions about this video or would like to schedule a time to meet with us please connect via the contact form on our website.

The Gardner’s Experience: Finding Your Perfect Mattress & Giving Back

Does mattress shopping have you down? Look no more! Come to Gardner’s Mattress & More, where you will have a one of a kind experience from the moment you step foot in the door.  Whether you’re looking for yourself, or even your furry friend, Gardner’s has you covered! Their pet beds can be custom made just for your four-legged companion. For a more personal touch, you can buy a “stuff sack” to fill with your very own old clothes!



Gardner's Mattress and More Fill Station Pillow KioskOnce you filled all your furry friend’s needs, don’t forget to treat yourself. Stop by the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk! This means pillows created for you, by you! You choose the case, fill type and cover. Each pillow comes with a 5-year “Re-Fresh” guarantee – allowing you to re-fluff any Fill Station pillow for 5 years!

Now that you’ve treated you and your loyal friend, it’s time to treat someone in need. With Gardner’s Give Back Mission program, you can effortlessly give back to the community. With the purchase of any mattress, Gardner’s Mattress and More provides you with a Gardner’s Give Back bag. Simply take the bag home and place nonperishable food items in it; however much you feel is necessary or are able to offer (even the smallest amount helps!). When your new mattress is delivered, just turn in your bag and they’ll do the rest! Gardner’s will even match the total donation pound for pound!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit co-owners Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo at Gardner’s Mattress and More to find out even more interesting things!

We Love Pets @ Gardner’s

We Love Pets @ Gardner’s!

Gardner’s Mattress & More is now excited to offer custom made, custom filled dog and cat beds in our store.

We love pets at Gardner’s and in fact support local animal rescues with our Gardner’s Gives Back Charity.

With our Molly Mutt pet beds you can have a custom filled, custom made pet bed. You can simply choose a new duvet to put over an existing pet bed or you can have us custom make you a pet bed filled with your choice of fill material.

We offer soft poly foam and fiber. Memory foam and all natural options such as latex, goose down feathers and buckwheat hulls.

If you have tried and failed with other pet beds because Scruffy just didn’t like the new pet bed we offer what is called a “stuff sack”. A stuff sack is filled with your old clothes because there is no sweeter smell to your pet than your smell!

No matter how you choose to fill your pet bed from Gardner’s we have the answer complete with exciting patterns, colors and size options.

Check out this video and picture of color options or simply visit Gardner’s at our 830 Plaza Blvd location in Lancaster behind Park City Mall.

Not only do we help many people in Lancaster County wake up happy but now we can help your furry friends wake up even happier too!

Custom Mattresses at Gardner’s Mattress & More

You, a happy well rested sleeper?

It said that the human body has 33 individual vertebrae along with 640 muscles. There truly are no two people who are built alike.

Yet 100% of couples sleeping in the same mattress chose the same comfort and support in a new mattress as though they shared 33 vertebrae and 640 muscles.

The perfect combination of support and comfort should never come with compromise, especially given that you sleep one third of your life.

So why is that for so long people have actively chosen to compromise when it comes to investing a new mattress set?

Well, it likely has to do with the dynamics of how most other stores select their merchandise and who they buy it from. Did you know that over 70% of the mattress marketplace is dominated by only two large companies? And guess what neither of those companies offer a custom sides mattress solution. And because those two companies are privately held Wall Street corporate entities their solutions are designed for the masses and not the individual who desires a custom sides mattress solution.

What is this custom sides mattress solution you ask?

It’s possible you are envisioning two twin mattresses like your grandparents may have once used or what you saw on TV during the Golden Age of Television when it was actually against the law and considered scandalous to show a married couple in the same bed together.

But today’s custom sides mattresses are far from this archaic solution. Today on our showroom floor at Gardner’s Mattress & More you have a choice of up to 18 different solutions by which we can custom fit the individual needs of both you and your sleeping partner in the same mattress.

Gone are the days of settling. No more “well if you like it, I suppose I can live with it” statements. And with a custom sides mattress solution from Gardner’s you’ll never have to compromise on a great night’s sleep again. Once you invest and sleep on a custom sides mattress from Gardner’s there will only be happy mornings for the both of you, guaranteed.

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The saddest thing we hear in the store is that our customers have lived with or got used to a mattress set over time and now are suffering because of it. It’s not surprising, just exactly how well are those 33 vertebrae and 640 muscles supposed to feel on a mattress set that is unsupportive for you and not quite as comfortable as it should be for your sleeping partner?

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to waking up stressed, sore, stiff and more sleepy than you did when you fell asleep – it’s imperative that you visit Gardner’s Mattress & More to discover all there is in store.

Ben and I travel three to four times a year to our industries events to seek out the very best sleep solutions. Today we offer over 70 unique mattress and sleep solutions in our stores and have 18 unique to Gardner’s Mattress & More custom sides mattress solutions that are all designed to work with you the individual while supporting your and your sleep partner in bed, together.

Remember no two people are alike. No two people sleep alike, nor do they have the same sleep needs.

Isn’t it time to find the perfect mattress blended with the ideal amount of support and comfort for both of you without compromise?

Click here to schedule a mattress consultation today with one of our sleep experts.

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