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Pillows So Fresh!

Fill Station Pillow Kiosk

Join us this week through September 17th and visit the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk at Gardner’s on Plaza Boulevard! 

It’s the “Pillows So Fresh!” Pillow Building Event. Is your current pillow old and in need of replacement? Does the thought of shopping for a new pillow frustrate you and make you procrastinate? Don’t do it! Stop by our Fill Station Pillow Kiosk and created the pillow of your choice; Choose your case, fill type and cover! You’ll get a fresh new pillow customized to your sleep needs and a 5-year “Re-Fresh” guarantee. We’ll re-fluff any Fill Station Pillow purchased with the easy 1-2-3 system for up to 5 years! It’s like getting a new pillow, every time!

Stop by Gardner’s on Plaza Boulevard and visit the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk today and Freshen Up Your Sleep Routine with a new, customized pillow from the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk!

Adjustable Bed Base Renaissance

Beautyrest adjustable

Ahhh the Adjustable Bed Base, so misunderstood!

Here at Gardner’s we’ve seen an uptick in interest in what some people derogatorily refer to as “Hospital Beds”. Most commonly heard in the statement “I don’t need a hospital bed! I’m not old!” Well, truth be told, hospital beds and adjustable bed bases are related. In fact, there’s a reason hospitals use them- they aid in the healing process and can be the difference in getting a good night’s sleep and getting a great night’s sleep!

The reason we use the term “Renaissance” is not to be pretentious. It’s a valid description of the current market. There is a wide variety of options for people ranging from basic needs to a true lifestyle bed base, complete with sleep tracking technology and wireless remote apps!

Selecting the best Adjustable Base for you requires some thought. Consider options such as vibration massage, optional remote control apps for iPads or Android compatible phones, USB ports for easy device charging and more. For a list of what we have to offer, click here to see our adjustable base page.

Many major mattress manufacturers have their own options to purchase as a complete bed set, or adjustable bases can be purchased separately. If purchasing separately, make sure your current mattress is compatible- most newer beds are constructed to complement adjustable bases. In most cases, all memory foam or natural rubber foam beds, as well as pocket sprung mattresses will work.

We’re happy to help guide you through the selection process, or even just to answer a few questions.  Check out the link below to get our free Adjustable Guide or contact us here for more informationStop by either of our stores to learn more and we’ll give you a free demonstration.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is kick your feet up and experience one for yourself!


The One Day Mattress Sale, Today Only, Until Tomorrow’s One Day Only Sale, Starting Tomorrow

Mattress Sale


Have you ever driven by a mattress store and noticed a sign for a “One Day Only Mattress Sale”? Was the same exact sign up a few days later on a separate trip? Did you ever stop to consider that perhaps, the One Day Only sale is nothing more than a retail trick?

One of the things that separates Gardners from it’s competitors is this unscrupulous practice: They do it, we don’t.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most common “sales slogans” that you’ll see in Mattress Store adverts:


1. One Day Only Sale

2. Almost all mattresses ___% off

3. 50% off

4. The $79 mattress

5. Free Pillow with Purchase


Now let’s take the same Sales Slogans and translate them into what the mattress store is really saying:


1. One Day Only Sale, until tomorrow, and there’s not really a sale, we just need get you inside.

2. The phrase “Almost all mattresses” is like a child taking the first, small scoop of peas from his dinner plate, eating them and exclaiming “I ate ALMOST ALL of my peas!” Any discount on “Almost all mattresses” really means “We have a few mattress in the back that are really cheap but most of the prices are set by the manufacturer”.

3. 50% off = We doubled the price and offer 50% off the doubled price (which is always, in turn, the everyday price).

4. The $79 mattress is a mattress that a scoundrel wouldn’t give to their worst enemy. It’s the mattress that requires an “air quotes” before saying it. The $79 “Mattress”. It’s a 5-inch thick motley crew of springs, cotton balls and stitching (if you’re lucky) and it only serves as a placeholder; A few months down the road, when you’re in another mattress store explaining “I bought a mattress a few months ago and it really didn’t hold up.” It isn’t meant to be bought, it’s meant to UPSELL.

5. The Free Pillow with Purchase is a way to make someone come away from the situation thinking they got something when they really didn’t. Sure, it’s a pillow and you can use it. It’s usually the cheapest of pillows, even the pillows with the brand names on them, and there is a small chance that you will actually be comfortable using it.


Now, what do we do about this?


Gardner’s has sales and pricing specials that work in concert with what our vendors provide. We work on the honor system of pricing. 90% of our showroom floor is set by the manufacturer and is at the lowest possible price. We do not offer “50% off mattress sales” because it is a straight up untruth and we respect our customer’s intelligence. We do offer lower cost mattresses, however, unlike most mattress retailers, we are upfront with you: Two adults will be comfortable on a $200 mattress for a few months to a few years and should be considered only a temporary sleep solution.

Instead of dumping a free pillow on you as a gift, we offer something called “Bonus Cash”. Bonus Cash is an accessory credit, good for any accessory in the store. Pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, or even frames. It is a way to say “Thank You” to our customers and is designed to enhance your new and exciting mattress purchase.

The next time you are perusing the newspaper for mattress sales and come across one of these dastardly catch phrases, realize that some things, especially in the retail world, are to good to be true. Buying a mattress takes time and patience and we provide skilled and honest consultation. We don’t want to take as much of your money as possible, we want you to get a better night’s sleep.


If you find a better deal than what we can provide, get a written quote and we’ll gladly match it. Supporting small businesses supports the local economy. Buying local has other benefits too, including great customer service before and after your purchase. We have many, many satisfied customers that gladly back us up. Can our competitors say the same thing?


Stop by one of our stores (located at 830 Plaza Blvd, Lancaster PA 17601 or 2481 Lincoln Hwy East, Lancaster PA 17602), give us a call at 717.299.6228 or visit us online.


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Mattress Brand Name Game

“I was just at XYZ Department Store and they had the “S-Brand” Ultimate Blue Phantom mattress, what do you have that is similar?” I get a similar question to this every single day either on the phone, chat, email, or in person. The simple answer is: I have no idea what you are talking about. The complicated answer, which I’ll explain here, is that nearly every retailer have different names for their mattresses making them nearly impossible to compare.

confusedThink of your traditional mattress companies like sandwich shops. Doesn’t matter if it is Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Restonic, Comfort Solutions, Gold Bond – whoever, they have a ginormous menu for us retailers. One of our mattress manufacturers has nearly 100 different futon and mattress “builds” that we can order, then mix in the fact that we can also modify what color and type of fabric they come in and things get exponentially insane quickly.

You could be in a shopping mall and 4 different stores may sell mattresses from the same company. The models might be completely different — or they could be exactly the same, just with different names and colors. It can get maddening for the consumer.

As a sleep consultant I ask, “What is it about the S-Brand Ultimate Blue Phantom mattress that you liked?”. Was it plush and conforming or was it firm and rigid? Was it coil springs, memory foam, latex or some combination? Is price your only concern, or are you open to letting me help find you a bed that is comfortable for you?

At the end of the day you need to not be overwhelmed with names and mysterious arbitrary marketing jargon like “coil count”. You want to find a mattress that is comfortable for your personal sleeping needs, fits your budget, and will meet a certain standard of longevity. That is the kind of thing we can help you with here at Gardner’s Mattress and More.

At Gardner’s we have some value priced mattresses that feel great – but, in 5-to-8 years you’ll probably be shopping again. We have some great mid-priced mattresses that will give you 10-15 years of comfort life and some premium mattresses that will give you 20+ years.

-Pete, Sleep Consultant @ Gardner’s Mattress & More

Sleep Tips for Moms

Sleep is important.  We all know that, but yet we never seem to get enough of it, do we?   Especially those of us with kids.  We love our children, but they tend to rob us of the valuable sleep our tired bodies need and deserve.  For Moms, this is even more true.



This is my family; my wife Lindsay and my daughter Amelia.  They’re awesome.  My wife is not only a great mother to my daughter, but she is a full time student, studying to be a dietitian.  Balancing sleep with being both a full time student and a mommy can be tough.  There are many late nights and early mornings for our family.  But we are not alone.  I think anyone who mixes children with careers experiences the same thing.  In the moments when we are busy, it’s too easy to say “I guess I’ll just go to bed a little later tonight.”  We rarely think about the consequences of reduced sleep until it’s too late.

The solution is more sleep, right?  While the answer is likely yes, that is easier said than done.  Sometimes you just don’t have control over how long you can sleep.  However, you absolutely have control over your quality of sleep by choosing what you sleep on.  My wife and I have slept on a Tempur-Pedic mattress (with an adjustable bed base) for almost 7 years.  We fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed, even after nights where we didn’t sleep as long as we would have liked to.  Even when Amelia was born, waking up multiple times throughout the night didn’t bother us because our bodies could enter into the deeper stages of sleep more quickly with the Tempur-Pedic.  Quality over quantity is the key to many things, and sleep is no exception.


See what Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified Sleep Specialist, Dr. Michael J. Breus says about Sleep:

Sleep Tips for New Moms


So moms, please let us know how we can help you get the sleep you deserve!


To better health through better sleep,

What is the best mattress?

Imagine how you feel after a good night’s sleep. What does that look like? Refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to start the day? Sure. How about less grumpy and more peppy? Your family might like that. Does a good night’s sleep keep you awake at the wheel and more productive at work? You betcha! Now imagine a whole week of good sleep. Better yet, imagine getting a good night’s sleep for the rest of your life. But better sleep can be elusive, unless you ask the right question.
People ask me all the time, “What is the best mattress?” Oh boy, what a loaded question. Over the years, I’ve found myself struggling to understand just what my customer is asking me. Do they want to see the most expensive mattress or the one they recognize from advertising? I’ve got a store full of mattresses to fit sleep needs from occasional guest bed to top of the line luxury, support and comfort. But which one is best?

What I’ve come to realize is that my customer has come to me for advice but is only asking part of the question that needs to be asked. They’ve forgotten about the most important part – themselves! The question they need to ask is, “Which mattress best suits MY sleep needs?” See the difference? With better information about you and your individual sleep needs I can help you find a sleep solution.
I like to learn about your sleep. Why are you replacing your mattress? Is it simply old and worn out or does it sag leading to back discomfort? Do your hands and feet get that “pins and needles” sensation from a pinch in circulation? Do you and your partner roll towards the center of the bed? With knowledge of you current sleep environment I can more accurately guide you to a product that will provide a superior experience to what you’re sleeping on now.
The next step is to find out what sleep issues you suffer from. Do your shoulders and hips hurt throughout the night? Do you snore and toss and turn? How about restless leg, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, poor circulation or breathing issues? Wow, that’s a lot of stuff that can affect sleep. Let me guess – an issue on this list caught your attention? Usually does. No one ever shops for a mattress just for the sake of buying a mattress. Mattress shoppers are intent on sleeping better through to the relief of a sleep issue through the purchase of a proper mattress. Think about that statement…a new mattress = better sleep = improved health. So why does everyone hate mattress shopping if the end result is better health like we visualized in the first paragraph?
At Gardner’s, we strive to custom fit the mattress to you. I’ve got a mattress to help or reduce each of the aforementioned sleep issues. For example, if you tell me you have lower back discomfort, I may recommend a Carpe Diem (Beds of Sweden) or a Tempur-Pedic for its ability to shape and mold to the arch of your back to keep your body in proper spinal alignment. If you tell me you suffer from snoring, breathing or circulation issues, a power adjustable base to elevate your head and legs may be necessary. A latex mattress from Pure LatexBLISS may be beneficial for someone with allergy issues as latex is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. A warmer than average sleeper may prefer a Serta iComfort bed with its gel infused memory foam to sleep cooler.
The mattress buying process is not automated. If it were easier, I’d install vending machines so you could slide your credit card, hit C-5 and have a mattress pop out. That’d be one BIG machine! In fact, some stores even use a computer diagnostic program to match you with a mattress. Let me tell you, a computer cannot choose a mattress for you better than your own body can. A computer only knows numbers and formulas…it doesn’t feel pain and doesn’t need to sleep. You owe it to your body and your health and well-being to spend the right amount of time choosing the right mattress. And it’s not always going to be a quick and easy process – better sleep should not be rushed.
One last question I get from customers is “well, it feels good here in the store, but how do I know it will be comfortable when I get it home?” Now this is one we totally understand and have developed a unique solution. The Dream Room at Gardner’s Mattress & More is a private mattress testing room designed to allow you a unique opportunity to “try before you buy” any mattress in our showroom, in a no-pressure, quiet environment. No more guessing. Additionally, any purchase made through the use of the Dream Room comes with a 1 year comfort exchange. We encourage you to learn more at
Gardner’s Mattress & More is established in Lancaster as the purveyors of premium sleep products, proudly displaying 28 premium foam based and handmade sleep systems in a relaxed setting. We’ve written a book to help you through the mattress process called “What’s Keeping You Up at Night, A Guide to Overcoming Common Mattress Buying Mistakes”. There have been many changes in the bedding industry in the last ten years and we want to arm you with the right information about mattresses to make the best decision possible. Download our free guide at or pick up a hard copy at the store – and take a nap there too!
To your better health through better sleep,

Solving Sleep Issues, One Customer at a Time


At Gardner’s Mattress & More, we strive to custom fit each sleeper with the mattress that best suits their individual and unique sleep needs.  The goal is better health through better sleep.  However, we know how challenging this process can be for some people who suffer nightly with debilitating issues that affect sleep.  We know we cannot help with the day to day treatment of these issues, but we sure can help you eliminate sleep disturbances by finding the best mattress for you.  Below are some common issues that affect sleep and our “best bed for you” mattress recommendations.*

*Please keep in mind that we are not doctors and are not prescribing a mattress based on a particular condition.  We are merely offering suggestions based on our customer (and personal) experiences.


Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pressure.  If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you already know this.  Many people with Fibromyalgia also have a great deal of difficulty sleeping.  We understand how crippling this can be for some people and while we can’t help you during waking hours, I’m pretty certain that we can help you find a better night’s sleep.  In my experience, a person with Fibromyalgia is looking for joint pressure point relief.  Especially one who sleeps on their side.  My best recommendation is to sleep on something that is slightly softer on the surface, but offers proper support and spinal alignment throughout the body.  Perfect beds at Gardner’s Mattress & More for sufferers of Fibromyalgia are the Tempur-Pedic Cloud beds (Cloud, Supreme, and Luxe), iComfort Revolution and Prodigy, Pure LatexBLISS Beautiful and World’s Best Bed, and Aireloom Gable and Sage Luxe.  Add a power adjustable bed underneath the mattress that elevates your head and feet to customize your comfort and you’ll find even more pressure point relief!

Lower Back, Hip & Shoulder Pain

Back, hip, and shoulder pain are the most common issues we hear about from our customers affecting their sleep.  It seems like nearly everyone we talk to has experienced some kind of discomfort during sleep in these areas of the body.  While we realize that these pains have many sources (injuries, surgeries, general work and stress fatigues), but the mattress you sleep on should help reduce these pains, not add to them.

Out of all the pains in the body, back pain can be the most detrimental to sleep.  And a worn out coil mattress that is sagging provides next-to-no support for a back that sorely needs it.  To reduce back pain, a mattress needs to contour into the arch of your back, supporting you where you need it to, allowing the muscles of the lower back to relax.  I firmly believe that any foam based mattress is typically better than any coil spring bed in its ability to properly cradle and contour to your back.  A Tempur-Pedic, iComfort or Pure LatexBLISS mattress all have the ability to reduce back pain during sleep.  However, simply replacing one flat mattress with another flat mattress may not completely solve the back pain issue.  Sometimes, when people sleep flat on their back, there is a great deal of tension and stress on the lower part of the spine.  If you ask a doctor about back pain and sleep, he or she may suggest putting a pillow under your legs.  Why?  To take the weight of your legs off the small of your back.  If you’ve ever tried this, you know that it doesn’t work to well because pillows can shift through the night.  The solution is a power adjustable bed base under your foam based mattress.  A power adjustable base allows you total positional customization during the night to reduce pain and discomfort in the body.  You are in control of your comfort as opposed to your pain being in control of your sleep.  A slight elevation under the knees and head of the bed make a huge difference in how you sleep.  I strongly recommend a power adjustable bed for any back pain sufferers and most premium mattresses work beautifully on them.

Often hip and shoulder pain are a result of a worn out mattress with coil springs pushing back against the body, creating harmful pressure points.  A pressure point not only causes discomfort, but forces the body to change positions many times throughout the night.  Tossing and turning in bed robs your body of the REM sleep it requires for proper joint and muscle rejuvenation.  There are a wide range of mattresses that will reduce hip and shoulder pains, most of them containing layers of memory foam or latex in the top surface layers to reduce those pressure points.  Any Tempur-Pedic, iComfort, Pure LatexBLISS or Aireloom will do the trick; the key is to find the one the best cradles and comforts your hips and shoulders.

I’ve grouped all of the below sleep issues into one conversation as the solution is often the same for each.  As we discussed with back pain, sometimes switching from your current worn out mattress to another flat set doesn’t solve the sleep issue.  The below issues are no exception.  I don’t know a mattress in the world that will reduce snoring on its own.  Most of these issues can be treated successfully by a doctor or health professional, but there’s not a mattress available that helps with reducing reflux or GERD issues.  These following conditions occur, for the majority of people that suffer from them, when the body is in a flat position.  The solution is a Power Adjustable Bed base.


Snoring / Breathing Difficulty

Elevating the head of an adjustable base to a 30 degree angle greatly reduces snoring as it relieves pressure on the diaphragm and keeps the airway open.  It may also help keep your tongue from collapsing against the uvula.  It is also recommended to elevate the legs slightly to reduce the stress on the base of the spine.  This has less to do with snoring and more with getting the most out of your adjustable base!


Sleep Apnea

Treatment of sleep apnea should be sought from a sleep disorder specialist or doctor.  Many people who suffer from sleep apnea with a CPAP mask or similar device.  Adjustable beds don’t reduce the effects of sleep apnea.  However, I have had customers who also use a CPAP mask find that it is much easier to find a comfortable, elevated sleep position with an adjustable bed as opposed to lying in a flat position.


Acid Reflux / GERD / Hiatal Hernia

Like snoring, elevating the head of the mattress with a power adjustable base will likely reduce the effects of reflux, GERD, and Hiatal Hernia.  The idea is to elevate the head of the bed, keeping the stomach below the esophagus.  Sometimes a slight elevation is all that is necessary, but severe reflux or GERD may require a much steeper angle, perhaps 6 to 8 inches of elevation.  Often, these issues can be reduced by changing your diet and not eating so close to bedtime and medication, but an adjustment in position will help greatly.


Restless Legs Syndrome / Sciatica / Circulation Trouble

Using a power adjustable bed base to elevate the knees to take the weight of the legs off of your hips and lower back will reduce the effects of both Restless Legs and Sciatica issues.  Sometimes a steeper angle may be necessary, but any leg elevation should be enough to stop the “Jimmy Legs” (fellow Seinfeld fans may be smiling).  Similarly, circulation will improve by elevating your legs above the level of your heart.

My sleep issues and how I solved them:

At the time of this writing, I am 33 years old.  Based on my age, you wouldn’t suspect that I am a candidate for a power adjustable bed base.  After all, I don’t fit the “elderly” or “infirmed” adjustable bed stereotypes.  But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that I am a sleeper that suffers when I lie flat.  I don’t snore, but due to allergy issues, I tend to get congested and have difficulty breathing.  I used to use the Breathe Right strips to help breathe.  Now I simply elevate the head of the bed.  It makes a huge difference.  I also suffer a bit with reflux.  It’s not chronic, but I’ll admit, I work late some nights, eat a late dinner and crawl into bed soon after.  By the middle of the night, if the bed isn’t elevated, I’m reaching for the TUMS.  Fortunately, my adjustable base is my reflux salvation.  I am also your classic Restless Legs sufferer.  I used to drive my wife crazy when I shook the bed with my legs moving.  Now, I can elevate my legs where the urge to shake just isn’t there.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no limitation on who an adjustable bed is for.  We understand that for some people, an adjustable bed is a luxury, but for most, it’s a downright necessity.  Stop in to Gardner’s to see how a power adjustable bed base can help solve your unique sleep issues too.

Ben McClure