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Independently owned and operated since 1904, Hypnos was founded by the Keen Family and is currently in its 5th Generation of family operation. Named after the Greek God of Sleep, these mattresses come with the tagline “The Most Comfortable Beds in the World”.

Hypnos is currently the only mattress brand in the world that carries the prestigious Royal Warrant. Awarded by The British Monarchy, the Royal Warrant is a mark of excellence and a sign of royal favor and patronage. Re-evaluated every 5 years, the Keen Family was awarded their first Royal Warrant in 1929 and have held it ever since. Other companies that carry the Royal Warrant include Bentley, Aston-Martin, Barbour, Cartier and Burberry.

Actively committed to the Environment, Hypnos was the first British bed manufacturer to achieve carbon neutrality. They recycled 350 million mattresses in 2014, up from 300 million in 2013. Their mattresses and divans are 100% recyclable and the end of their lives, and Hypnos beds are composed of the highest quality environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials.


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Every mattress is handcrafted in the USA. Featuring the exclusive Q-Spring Pocket Coil which seamlessly adjusts to you and your partner’s every move. The Quantum edge support perimeter offers a foamless edge support that is sturdy, efficient, and provides greater comfort life.

Hand Side Stitching helps improve edge support and prevents sagging. It also attaches the side panel to the innerspring unit and when combined with the Hand Tufting on the sleep surface, the final product is a mattress that is compact and prone to little or no sag throughout the years.


Hypnos uses Natural and Sustainable Fillings in all of their mattresses.

  • Horse Hair that wicks moisture and provides a resilient, non-collapsing base.
  • Wool for a hygienic rest that inhibits the growth of bacteria and dust mites, and provides natural temperature control. Joma Wool is also available in select mattresses.
  • Alpaca wool for similar properties of regular wool: Naturally hypoallergenic, improved performance in humid environments and flame resistant.
  • Camel Hair, collected from the underbelly in the summer months, creates a very fine and soft comfort layer on the surface.
  • All fillings are tufted throughout the mattress to prevent lateral movement of the layers over time


Gardner’s is proud to carry this line of natural, handmade mattresses, not only for the prestigious Royal Warrant but because Hypnos is dedicated to improving the environment through sustainable practices, products and operations. 

Alexandra Mattress by Hypnos


Available in Plush or Firm, this mattress features a pocketed spring system which utilizes a zoned system that provides extra support in the middle of the mattress. Upholstered with naturally soft and breathable fibers including New Zealand wool, premium horse hair, and natural plush rubber foam. Covered with the finest Belgian damask, which provides a soft and cool sleeping surface and resting on an upholstered divan base and optional designer headboard.

Crystal Mattress by Hypnos


The Crystal mattress features a pocketed spring system made of more than 1,000 coils. Zoned in the center 3rd of the bed for extra support where you need it most. Add 4,000 mini coils and this mattress tops off at 5,000 coils in all. Upholstered with soft and breathable layers of premium horse hair and Joma Cotton, New Zealand wool, natural rubber foam and a Camel hair pad for maximum comfort. The Crystal mattress is then covered with the finest Belgian damask and an upholstered, hand-stitched border for additional edge support. Match with an upholstered divan base and optional designer headboard.

Coral Mattress by Hypnos

Coral Mattress

This luxury mattress features a pocketed spring system and is zoned for extra support in the center. Upholstered with New Zealand wool, silk, natural rubber foam and felted cotton. Covered with the finest Belgian damask fabric and hand tufted for extra durability. Pair with a matching divan base and optional designer headboard.


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