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Luxury Mattresses

Luxury defined.

Simply put there is a reason why people pay more for a GMC Denali versus a Chevy Suburban. A designer top label purse versus a designer fashion purse from Target. And definitely there is a distinct feel of holding an Apple device in your hand versus all others.

All of these products elicit a unique emotion within, how we feel about ourselves. Our selection of Luxury mattresses has evolved over the years from specific brands like Carpe Diem and Vi-Spring to Hypnos. For specific reasons, if we are to offer luxury products we need luxury service and support from our partners.

It’s one thing to purchase a luxury mattress, it's another thing to purchase something you thought was luxury only to be let down later. This is why our collection has evolved over the years. When it comes to premium innerspring hand made mattresses with the finest natural ingredients we have chosen Hypnos for a perfect blend of support, comfort, feel and that marque feeling of luxury and aspiration. A Hypnos mattress in the bedroom means you have arrived.


Independently owned and operated since 1904, Hypnos was founded by the Keen Family and is currently in its 5th Generation of family operation. Named after the Greek God of Sleep, these mattresses come with the tagline "The Most Comfortable Beds in the World".

Hypnos is currently the only mattress brand in the world that carries the prestigious Royal Warrant. Awarded by The British Monarchy, the Royal Warrant is a mark of excellence and a sign of royal favor and patronage. Re-evaluated every 5 years, the Keen Family was awarded their first Royal Warrant in 1929 and have held it ever since. Other companies that carry the Royal Warrant include Bentley, Aston-Martin, Barbour, Cartier and Burberry.

Actively committed to the Environment, Hypnos was the first British bed manufacturer to achieve carbon neutrality. They recycled 350 million mattresses in 2014, up from 300 million in 2013. Their mattresses and divans are 100% recyclable and the end of their lives, and Hypnos beds are composed of the highest quality environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials.


Resilient, natural latex creates a plush feel, conforming instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. It distributes weight evenly, reducing the pressure points that cause tossing and turning.


This very fine fiber, collected from the soft underbelly of the animal in the summer months, naturally manages daily temperature changes in its natural environment via its superb insulation properties. It is soft and luxurious, and therefore creates the perfect top surface to a mattress.

natural latex

Resilient, natural latex creates a plush feel, conforming instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. It distributes weight evenly, reducing the pressure points that cause tossing and turning.


Naturally resilient, exquisite horse hair provides an excellent base for the fiber build-up along with excellent ventilation, temperature and humidity control. The long and large diameter fiber is heat crimped to create a natural, spring-like recovery.


JOMA Wool is derived from a process that thoroughly cleans the wool fibers to remove traces of naturally occurring lanolin. At the same time a permanent crimp is set in the fiber to increase bulk, springiness, comfort and longevity.


Hand side stitching helps support the sides of the mattress to prevent sagging, so that you can utilize the entire sleeping surface of the mattress.


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