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You, a happy well rested sleeper?

It said that the human body has 33 individual vertebrae along with 640 muscles. There truly are no two people who are built alike.

Yet 100% of couples sleeping in the same mattress chose the same comfort and support in a new mattress as though they shared 33 vertebrae and 640 muscles.

The perfect combination of support and comfort should never come with compromise, especially given that you sleep one third of your life.

So why is that for so long people have actively chosen to compromise when it comes to investing a new mattress set?

Well, it likely has to do with the dynamics of how most other stores select their merchandise and who they buy it from. Did you know that over 70% of the mattress marketplace is dominated by only two large companies? And guess what neither of those companies offer a custom sides mattress solution. And because those two companies are privately held Wall Street corporate entities their solutions are designed for the masses and not the individual who desires a custom sides mattress solution.

What is this custom sides mattress solution you ask?

It’s possible you are envisioning two twin mattresses like your grandparents may have once used or what you saw on TV during the Golden Age of Television when it was actually against the law and considered scandalous to show a married couple in the same bed together.

But today’s custom sides mattresses are far from this archaic solution. Today on our showroom floor at Gardner’s Mattress & More you have a choice of up to 18 different solutions by which we can custom fit the individual needs of both you and your sleeping partner in the same mattress.

Gone are the days of settling. No more “well if you like it, I suppose I can live with it” statements. And with a custom sides mattress solution from Gardner’s you’ll never have to compromise on a great night’s sleep again. Once you invest and sleep on a custom sides mattress from Gardner’s there will only be happy mornings for the both of you, guaranteed.

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The saddest thing we hear in the store is that our customers have lived with or got used to a mattress set over time and now are suffering because of it. It’s not surprising, just exactly how well are those 33 vertebrae and 640 muscles supposed to feel on a mattress set that is unsupportive for you and not quite as comfortable as it should be for your sleeping partner?

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to waking up stressed, sore, stiff and more sleepy than you did when you fell asleep – it’s imperative that you visit Gardner’s Mattress & More to discover all there is in store.

Ben and I travel three to four times a year to our industries events to seek out the very best sleep solutions. Today we offer over 70 unique mattress and sleep solutions in our stores and have 18 unique to Gardner’s Mattress & More custom sides mattress solutions that are all designed to work with you the individual while supporting your and your sleep partner in bed, together.

Remember no two people are alike. No two people sleep alike, nor do they have the same sleep needs.

Isn’t it time to find the perfect mattress blended with the ideal amount of support and comfort for both of you without compromise?

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