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Do You Make This Mattress Mistake?

Do You Make This Mattress Mistake?

How do you choose a car?

Do you divide your options into only two choices, like big or small?

Luxury or economy? Red or black?

Of course not.

Buying a car is highly personal. To make the best selection, you must consider more than two options. After all, you’re going to drive that car for thousands of miles.

So, then ... why do many of us choose a mattress based on only two options: plush and firm?

Especially when you’re going to sleep on that mattress for thousands of hours?

You see, when it comes to mattresses, the whole idea of plush vs. firm is outdated.

In the old days, nearly every mattress had steel springs inside. On the outside was either firm or plush padding. That was it.

But today, if you want to get a good night’s sleep ...

You Have More Options
Than You May Know About

Today’s mattresses are up to 400% thicker than mattresses of old, complete with many different (and sometimes exotic) layers for comfort. Not to mention “number beds” that can provide dozens of options for back support in a mattress. And beds that raise the head or feet -- or both.

But what if you don’t sleep alone?

How can you enjoy a good night’s sleep -- on the same mattress -- if your partner has different needs than you?

Introducing “Less Snore, More CuddleTM” Sleep Systems.

This new sleep system solves common health problems for couples who sleep together. With a Cuddle Zone in the middle, so you can enjoy custom support for your body, while snuggling up next to your partner.

Take a look at one example:

New science brings relief to those with sleep issues. The secret? Cuddle Zone technology that can stop your snoring, end neck and back pain, and help you wake up happy.

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Stop Comprising Your Sleep?

If you wish your half of the bed was firmer or softer, you may be settling for poor sleep -- for no good reason. Because the latest custom-fit technology lets you get a firmness in your bed that’s just right for you and your partner. Without having to settle for a high--priced “number bed” that only comes in King size or fails to raise your head or feet.

Back and Neck Pain, Gone?

Sleeping without pain requires both body support and spinal alignment. Unlike “firm or soft” mattresses, new sleep systems can end back and neck pain. How? By supporting the spine and neck with up to 4 comfort layers -- not available in traditional mattresses. Plus, when you raise or lower the head or feet of the bed, it can help solve your unique sleep issues.

No More Snoring?

During sleep, gravity narrows the airway in your throat, which can cause snoring. But simply by elevating your head with the right custom bed, the pressure is relieved -- and snoring stops.

More Energy and More Life?

It’s been far too long since most of us woke up happy. But it’s always possible to enjoy deep, restorative sleep -- with the right sleep system. When that happens, your muscles repair and grow, and your brain flushes out toxins. You wake up refreshed and energized.

Why Do Some People Sleep Better Than Others?

A new sleep system can give you a good night’s sleep by solving these problems for you:

  1. No more snoring
  2. No more neck or back pain
  3. No more wishing your side of the bed was firmer or softer
  4. No more waking up tired and cranky

This new sleep system:

  1. Stops your snoring (or your partner’s) by raising or lowering your head or feet. Just like sleeping in space, gravity no longer works against you all night
  2. Stops your neck or back pain by supporting both your neck and your spine, unlike traditional mattresses or “bargain beds”
  3. Stops your side of the bed from being too firm or soft, by giving you custom firmness on each half of the mattress
  4. Stops you from waking up tired and cranky by giving you deep, restorative sleep. So you wake up happy, full of life and energy

Now Explore Your Options

At Gardner’s Mattress & More, we’ve curated over 24 Cuddle Zone sleep systems for you to see in person 7 days a week, in our Lancaster, PA location. Private appointments are available.

People enjoy our shopping experience, in part because there’s no sales pressure ever. And we have over 200 verified stories of customer delight for your review.

What’s their secret?

“We don’t think of ourselves as tied to any particular mattress or sleep system. We think of ourselves as tied to our customers. We’re willing to work backwards from their needs first, then offer any sleep system we can find that is proven to help people sleep better,” says co-owner Ben McClure.

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