Gardner’s Mattress & More $5,000 Disney Vacation Contest

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As a small business we have any number of options available to us to grow our business and get the word out. Typically most businesses choose to spend money on advertising. However, advertising is very expensive and costly and truth be told even the advertisers, in our opinion, don’t have everything figured out and still very much rely on the ways of old to advertise the ads we pay for.

So….we realized that we have own advertising platforms we control 100%. Like this one, right here on YouTube. And our email marketing list. And our Facebook page. We can take the money we would otherwise spend on advertising (and let’s face it the last thing the world needs is more mattress advertising) and pay it back to our customers in the form of a fun, exciting and valuable contest!

Here’s the catch. It’s free to enter. You gain entry by referring your friends and family and coworkers, there is no purchase necessary to win. However, we are funding this 100%, this is a form of advertising. Therefore in order for us to award the prize we need to generate to $50,000 in sales from those you refer to Gardner’s Mattress & More for us to afford this prize.

In actuality this is very doable and we very much want to award the prize. So help us help you! Refer your friends, tell everyone you know about this contest. The holidays bring in guests to your home. Evaluate every mattress in your home, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Sheet sets and custom made, custom fit pillows and gift certificates make great gifts too! All of these sales, when referred to us, will help us “tip” this contest over and award an amazing $5,000 Disney Vacation!

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