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Gardner’s Mattresses & More: Consumer Advocates and Educators

By Susan Beam

In today’s shifting economy, many consumers are learning to shop frugally – hunting for bargains, watching for sales and clipping coupons. But frugal shopping ceases to be smart shopping when the product in question proves unsatisfying, unreliable or even worse, hazardous.

“Mom always said, ‘You get what you pay for,’ and this adage rings especially true for your mattress,” said Ben McClure, owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More. “More than just a piece of furniture, your mattress is the place where each night, you go to rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Having the right sleep surface can make a significant different in achieving a deep, refreshing night’s rest.”

It’s easy to be seduced by slick advertising gimmicks. But there are other important questions to consider. For example, does this mattress meet my needs now and in the future? Will this mattress help me sleep better, so I can be more productive? Will this sleep system be an advantage in addressing health problems and procuring better health?

“We like to think of ourselves as consumer advocates in the mattress business. In the medical field, you’re advised to always get a second opinion. In the mattress business, we’re here to offer that second opinion, particularly on mattress selection and fair pricing,” said McClure.

Gardner’s is also ready, willing and able to provide sound sleep advice and mattress education, and recently published an informational guide, What’s Keeping You Up at Night: A Guide to Overcoming 11 Common Mattress Buying Mistakes. Copies are available at the store, located at 830 Plaza Blvd., behind Park City Mall, or on the web at

“There are values in every price range. We strive to determine your needs, and then find the best mattress to meet that need. In other words, we match the mattress to the customer, and we’re always happy to help,” explained McClure, adding that even after purchasing from other retailers, some customers have stopped by Gardner’s, uncertain that the prior purchase was in their best interest.

Far from a faceless corporation, Gardner’s emphasizes customer relationships and interactions. “We’re a local business, and we’re active in our own community,” said McClure. “Our customers are our family, friends and neighbors, and their comfort is our major concern.” An added advantage to buying locally? Delivery costs are kept low, and Gardner’s has their own team for a safe and efficient delivery.

For more information, or to sample a sleep system in Gardner’s exclusive and unique Dream Room, stop by the store, or call (717) 299 – 6228.

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