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Help Lancaster County Small Businesses Impacted by Covid-19

Help Lancaster County Small Businesses Impacted by Covid-19

We are lucky, we get to remain open under the new orders from the Governor. Some businesses are not so fortunate.

As such we are announcing our Gardner’s Gives Back Gift Card Drive

We believe a strong community is better for us all, and for years now we’ve been seeking to support the community which supports us with our Gardner’s Gives Back food drive and monetary donations back into our community.

BUT RIGHT NOW, the need is great. Many businesses will be forced to close at 12:01 am Saturday 12/12/20. This will hurt these businesses tremendously.

So, we are announcing our Gardner’s Gives Back Gift Card Drive.

Here’s how it works 

  • We are seeding this “fund” with $1,000
  • Adding another $20 to it with every purchase in our store over $499, beginning with sales 12/12/20
  • We will raffle off prizes along with the gift cards we buy and proceeds from the raffle will be added to the fund.

How do businesses which were impacted or forced to close get help?

  • Reply with a local business name you think could use this help, we will check them out and look to purchase gift cards from as many as we possibly can.
  • Then we will add the gift cards we purchase from these businesses to more even more fun prizes and raffle those off too!??

How can you help?

  • Buy a raffle ticket, by using this link
  • Forward this email to people you know who can help
  • If you have a cool prize you can donate to the raffle effort please let us know by replying to this email and/or dropping it off at the store

Our first sets of prizes are as follows, a $5 raffle ticket entry gets you in the prize pool.

  • (2) Love My Pillow Outcold memory foam pillows - $199 value, drawn on Monday 12/14/20 
  • (1) Happy NiteZzz CBD gift bundle - $157 value, drawn on Monday 12/21/20
  • (1) Queen Size Awara natural hybrid mattress - $1,199 value, drawn on Wednesday 12/28/20
  • (1) King Size Awara natural hybrid mattress - $1,499 value, drawn on Friday 1/4/21

We hope we can count on you to help our local community out in this tremendous time of need.

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