How a mattress can save your marriage

Discover how couples sleep great together…Even when their partners’ sleeping habits & routines are grounds for divorce!

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You’ve been there a long hard day at work, met with an even more stressful evening at home. Dinner, homework, planning for the upcoming weekend all you want to do is – Go.To. Sleep.

But then, you have them and there they are beside you, ready to do it again just like last night. 

Your partner. Snoring loud as an old Mack truck, flipping and flopping like a fish out of water – then all of the sudden they are out cold. Leaving you to wonder, was this really worth it? Is this what I said “I do” for? I get sickness and health but this is nightly torture!

Awake and frustrated while they sleep, and you would love to just grab that extra pillow and suffocate them with it so you can get at least one night of rest before the police investigate your crime of passion. <this is a joke, we are not advocating you smother your partner>

All jokes aside, sleep is important – it’s the single biggest contributor to healing from any illness or injury. Every doctor will say, “take your medicine and get extra sleep…” 

Sleeping together with our partner is also very important for our relationships and co-sleeping with our partner in life is one of the most intimate and close things we can do with one another. We are human and we crave connections. But really, ever since you had to compromise on a mattress choice years ago, you’ve been the one suffering as they sleep like a baby on what they picked because they had the biggest issues at the time.

Meanwhile for years you’ve compromised. And now, when sleep is more important than ever as it relates to health, well being and the ability to manage stress you are left to suffer.

This is why more and more smart couples who wish to be happier, have less stress, work together better as family leaders and have a happier more fulfilled life sleep on a Less Snore, More Cuddle™ sleep system from Gardner’s Mattress & More.

It’s true our Less Snore, More Cuddle™ systems allow you to get what you want, sleep how you want, on the mattress you want, in the position you want….AND….keep the cuddle zone!

Now, maybe you don’t suffer from a snoring partner maybe it would be more appropriate to describe your bedroom struggles as…

  • Less jimmy legs, More Cuddle
  • Less groaning and moaning from back or neck pain, More Cuddle
  • Less toss and turn, More Cuddle
  • Less flip and flop, More Cuddle
  • Less aches and pains, More Cuddle


Today the options for that perfect blend of support and comfort for you, and what they want for them has never been easier – and no it’s NOT two twin beds side by side.

It’s a marriage saving, health improving, stress reducing wake up happy in the morning ready to kick butt take names game changing sleep system.

Why are these sleep systems SUPERIOR to other lesser old school 100+ year old mattress designs?

Because often it’s the position of your body which offers the most pressure relief and pain reduction. Each of you can adjust and sleep in your own position while keeping the cuddle zone, you each get what you want and still feel like you are together in the same bed all night long.

What makes these sleep systems so IRRESISTIBLE and a must have for your bedroom?

At the touch of a button, depending on how hard of a day you have had, your mattress can respond to how your body and your needs just for you and you still keep the cuddle zone together all night long.

What makes these sleep systems a NO-BRAINER for couples who wish to enhance their marital happiness and success? 

Despite all you’ve tried to get better sleep – pillows, pills, potions, rubs, routines, relaxation therapies it all has minimal impact on the quality of your sleep. Only when you have a Less Snore, More Cuddle™ sleep system in your bedroom, supporting your body ready to adapt at your demand and adjust to your every need can you then truly reap the benefits of repeated quality sleep night over night.

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