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Introducing Aireloom at Gardner’s Mattress & More

By Susan Beam

Timeless, classic, handcrafted luxury. Prized by Presidents and the Hollywood elite. The Aireloom mattress line, which has long been acknowledged as the premier sleep surface for those looking for a traditional feel, is now available at Gardner’s Mattress & More, located at 830 Plaza Blvd., behind Park City Mall.

“We’re very excited to be offering this amazing line, which was once only available in high-end department stores like Bloomingdales,” said Gardner’s owner Ben McClure. “This is the perfect mattress for someone seeking luxurious quality and durability in a traditional feel. These mattresses are built the way things used to be.”

First made by King Karpen, a third generation mattress maker, Aireloom mattresses were known in the 1940s as the mattress of choice by movie stars, socialites and politicians, including President Ronald Regan, who requested them for the White House.

Since then, the company has been taken over by Earl Kluft, who remains dedicated to maintaining the same level of fine quality and craftsmanship. Otherwise known as “The Wizard of Ahh’s,” Kluft has been known to make personal visits to customers to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied with their purchase.

Constructed by artisans using time-tested methods, each Aireloom collection has its own very unique attributes that make each one truly a delight. The Monogram collection is the absolute best of the best. Featuring a boxspring (yes, boxspring!) of individually pocketed coils that are foam encased and hand tufted, this boxspring adds a level of comfort no longer found in today’s typical mattresses. Then, top this exceptional boxspring with an even greater mattress that has enough latex and memory foam to average three traditional mattresses. This is setup is supported by a Holland-made, nested, pocketed coil to provide the best support.

Within the Preferred collection lies a true throw back to days gone by, with an eight-way Italian twine hand-tied boxspring. It takes two artisans all day to make just twelve boxsprings. The mattresses are cotton encased and side-stitched with 642 stitches to ensure that all the components stay in place. The Preferred Sinclair has had the same specifications since 1942; it is that good there has been no need to change it.

Lastly, the Hybrid collection features organic cotton covers, wool and a patented adapt-and-react filling system that allows the mattress to vertically conform to your body, instead of your body being made to conform to the mattress.

“At one time, Aireloom mattresses were only produced on the West Coast,” continued McClure. “Recently, they’ve opened a production plant here in Lancaster County. Customers receive the best of both worlds – enduring quality with local, home-grown care and accessibility.”

Anxious to feel the quality of an Aireloom mattress? Don’t delay – make an appointment in Gardner’s unique Dream Room. The Dream Room is the only way to truly get the full experience of a new mattress before taking it home. A private mattress testing room that is finely appointed and allows you to try before you buy so you are able to make sure your mattress is the right fit. Book an appointment and read a book, watch TV or simply take a nap. Appointments are taken in time blocks of up to four hours and each mattress purchased through a Dream Room appointment also comes with a One Year Comfort Guarantee and exchange program. To make an appointment, or for more information, call 717 (299) 6228. Call today, and indulge in the experience of an Aireloom mattress.

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