Mattress Firm Has Arrived

Likely if you’ve been paying any attention (if you haven’t we don’t blame you!) to mattress advertising on the radio or TV you’ve noticed or heard that Sleepy’s has been welcomed into the Mattress Firm family.

In the ever evolving battle between big vs. small, corporate vs. independent, and David vs. Goliath, you as a consumer have a choice to make.

There is no doubt that a company with 3500+ stores, in my opinion, should be able to buy more cost effectively and logically be able to pass those savings onto you the consumer. But the reality is a large part of what is being sold today is sold for the same price whether it is from a large national chain store or an independent store like Gardner’s Mattress & More.

Baring the private labels and made “special for us” mattresses you will find out there (AKA intentional confusion so that the consumer cannot comparison shop), most all other mattress brands have adopted a unilateral pricing policy. Meaning you find the same mattress, with the same fabric, name and specs at every store.

Apple maintains this same pricing policy on their products. An iPad® is an iPad® is an iPad® regardless of whether it’s purchased at an Apple store, Best Buy or Walmart. You have your personal preferences on where you shop but you know it’s the same product. This is great for the consumer as they know there is no sacrificing quality and specification because of where they choose to purchase.

At Gardner’s, about 90% of what we sell follows this unilateral pricing policy or as I like to call it – Transparent Pricing.

That’s what we are about, transparency. We live in our community. You will see us at First Friday, at the library, in a restaurant, in another local store, at community events.

We have to offer and purvey great mattress sets at a fair price that are worthy of your hard earned money and will be durable, comfortable and supportive as time goes on.

I like to say we have to eat our own cooking.

In the background, as Mattress Firm has rolled into town, here is what is happening behind the scenes. The prior acquisition of Sleepy’s is almost fully digested and the stores are transitioning to Mattress Firm’s banner and trade name.

We suggest that when shopping for a mattress you Google search the store you are considering for their reviews. I think you will find our reviews speak for themselves and Sleepy’s & Mattress Firm will do the same.

Mattress Firm, a public company traded on the NASDAQ exchange, is also in the process of completing their sale to another public company, Steinhoff International Holdings traded on the Frankfurt exchange.  

Learn more using these two weblinks,

In one aspect, I feel that this purchase is a good thing for the mattress industry as a whole. The owner of Steinhoff is a smart business owner with 7,500 retail locations throughout Europe and the African continent. His investment to purchase the company at a 200%+ premium of Mattress Firm’s stock price when the offer was submitted shows his commitment to long term success.

This bodes well for all employed there and the suppliers.

But what does that purchase price mean to you the consumer? In my opinion, it doesn’t mean rock bottom prices and best deals. At some point that 200%+ investment in current market valuation must be recouped.

At Gardner’s, we pride ourselves on being transparent, providing insightful information and education about your mattress purchase. We strive to help you to discover the best fit for your sleep needs and suggest a mattress set be both supportive and comfortable for years to come.

You will be hearing a lot in the upcoming months about how great Mattress Firm is, and in reality they are a big company that supports the communities they are in and provides for a lot of jobs.

And so does Gardner’s. We support our community with our Gardner’s Gives Back initiative. We are based here in Lancaster, support the tax base, employ locally – we don’t outsource our delivery team and we purchase mattresses from Serta which are made right here in Lancaster which helps to support about 100 local jobs as well.

You dollar invested in a good night’s sleep from Gardner’s stays right here in Lancaster County. It is not shipped off to foreign soil.

We would love to have the opportunity to showcase all that Gardner’s has to offer you and be put to the test. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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