Pillow Fundraiser for your school and PTO fundraising needs!

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We understand the needs for your school & organization to fundraise and want to help. If you’re tired of the same old fundraisers – subs, chocolate bars, coupon books and even more frustrated with diminishing returns and chasing money and inventory – then you should consider a turn key pillow fundraiser with Gardner’s Mattress & More!

We offer you the ability to:

Bring our unique and one of a kind Fill Station Kiosk to you and your supporters.

Custom logo your pillows (school logo, sport, band, etc.) should you choose to do so.

Send out (to your email list, on your website, on your social media pages) a unique & secure online order form so we can process payment and simply write you a check for the total owed to you.

Full reporting of all sales will be provided as well. This means you never chase payments, bad checks, or have children that lose or misplace cash.

Hold a fun fill party at the school – you might even consider a pillow fight too!

We can even help you to create marketing pieces and video to help promote your event!

The best part of our pillow fundraisers is that Gardner’s is a local business who will support and service what you sell long after the sale. If the pillow anyone purchases isn’t to their 100% liking they can visit our stores and have the pillow adjusted, re-fluffed, or have the firmness changed for up to 5 years.

No more disappointed supporters of your fundraiser who are unhappy with their soggy subs, smaller quantity of pizza ingredients in the pizza kit, outrageously priced popcorn and coupon books that don’t stretch the dollar as far as they once did.

If you’d like more information about our fundraisers please contact us using the contact form on our website found here – https://gardnersmattressandmore.com/d…


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