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Safe Mattress Shopping

Safe Mattress Shopping

At Gardner’s the customer experience is paramount. We pride ourselves on over 800+ 5-star reviews online and in store.

Now, as we move beyond the spring of 2020 in a post COVID19 world we realize your experience now means ensuring your comfort and safety in our store.

Here are the steps we’ve taken and will continue to take as we work together in our store:

  1. Shop comfortably and with plenty of room in over 7,000 square feet of showroom space. We will continue to offer private appointments at select times if you wish, simply contact us to set up an appointment. But know that most days our customer traffic is very much one person/couple at a time.

  1. We will wear our facemasks according to PA state mandates for the safety of our employees. We will have facemasks to offer you for your use if you so choose. We ask that anyone feeling sick or running a fever stay home, this of course is common sense no matter the time period we are in.

  1. Upon entering our store you may use our handwashing station.

  1. We will always practice safe distancing and we will stay at least “a bed away”. Most of our displays are queen mattresses as such they are five feet wide, and with ample space between each display model by staying a bed away we all but ensure a minimum of 6 feet of distance at all times.

  1. We offer pillow napkins while you lay down and try out our mattresses and pillows.

  1. We offer “people proof” mattress protectors to put on each mattress as we try them. This way you are laying down on a fresh surface for your visit. We launder these protectors on site in hot water and dry on high heat to kill off germs.

  1. We sanitize all fabric surfaces (pillows and mattresses) with Steri-Fab a PA state approved disinfectant after each visit.

  1. We clean and sanitize common areas for enhanced safety for all.

  1. Our credit card machines are no contact between you and us. You maintain your card with no need to pass it back and forth.

  2. As you leave our store you may simply exit the door using an elbow or other part of your body to push out for a less contact method of leaving.

Together we are confident we can still provide you with an incredible and safe shopping experience. There is nothing like having the right fit when it comes to a new mattress and sleep system. We will look to work with you efficiently to narrow down your options and as you experience each model that may be a fit we will help you do so safely and with peace of mind.

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