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Sleep Like a Celebrity

Ronald Regan is coming to Lancaster, well, ok, he’s not but his mattresses are. All politics aside Ronald Regan ranks as the 8th (2000 WSJ survery) most popular President in history. He took office at the height of a recession and guided the country back to a position of economic strength.

I would like to think that part of the reason behind Regan’s success is due to his quality of sleep. I happen to know the mattress he slept on at the White House and those same mattresses are coming to Lancaster!

Upon winning the Presidency in 1980, President and First Lady Reagan insisted that every bedroom be prepared with Aireloom mattresses. Why? Because they are the absolute finest in quality and comfort. The President was given a lot of grief over his choice of mattress because at the time they were only made in California. Shipping them across the country was expensive due to high fuel cost and was questioned by many taxpayers, especially when there were multiple choices in the DC area to choose from. But the president knew that only Aireloom mattresses could deliver the quality of sleep an incoming president would need to lead troubled country back to prosperity.

In the 1940’s, Aireloom, the original Hollywood mattress, first made by King Karpen, a third generation master mattress maker was the choice of many movie stars, politicians and socialites due to their exceptional quality and comfort. Using only the finest of ingredients, Aireloom mattresses use complete layers of silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, memory foam and latex to deliver un-surpassing comfort. Coupled with a proprietary individually nested coil support system, the support system in the Aireloom mattress is unmatched in the industry.Today many a mattress is produced with only shareholders and profit in mind. Collectively the top 3 major manufacturers have in excess of $1.8 billion dollars in DEBT compared to an approximate annual sales volume of $3 billion dollars. So this means that for every dollar made more than half of the dollars in go right back out for debt repayment, this doesn’t exactly equal the finest mattress now does it?

In recent years Earl Kluft a third generation mattress maker took over the Aireloom name and is dedicated to maintaining the same level of only the finest quality that King Karpen employed more than 60 years ago. Earl, otherwise known as the “Wizard of Ahhhh’s” is dedicated to creating enduring personal sleep luxury. Earl and his world class artisans at Aireloom use tried and tested methods to provide the ultimate sleep experience and unparalleled luxury for those dedicated to have the best of everything. Earl’s patented design process for personal luxury mattresses is an industry first, and ensures you the absolute finest in sleep and personal comfort.

I was told a story by my Aireloom factory contact that Earl has been known to personally go to the homes of those that have purchased his mattresses to make sure they are more than 100% satisfied with their new Aireloom mattress. Imagine that, the owner of any company coming to your home to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product. As Earl says of his Aireloom product,

“I want to make a mattress so great that if I sell one to my neighbor or best friend I will know they will be completely satisfied” – Earl Kluft “The Wizard of Ahhhh’s”

I hope by now you have figured out that these mattresses are simply the finest in the country. That’s what you get with a price tag of $18,499 for a king size set of bedding. So you may ask what is so different in an Aireloom mattress versus every other type of innerspring mattress.

Simply put, it is the ingredients.

Upon touring the factory, which is located right here in Lancaster County I came to realize that only the absolute best and finest ingredients are used. I’ve already mentioned the silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton layers that are used in Aireloom mattresses. What you do not understand is that these layers measure in inches most cases two to three inches as compared to a two – five percent blend with cheap polyester fiber that the other big name brands use. This is truly how you make a finer mattress. Boxsprings that are hand tied and take two factory artisans an hour to tie just one of them only eight are produced in a day. This is how you truly make a finer mattress. Fabrics hand selected from the finest boutiques in Hollywood are truly how you make a finer mattress. Patented processes to fill the mattress that result in a true adapt and react feeling for each different body type. 600+ handsewn stitches around the perimeter of a mattress and 50+ hand laced tufts are how you truly make a finer mattress.

Here at Gardner’s Mattress & More we couldn’t be more excited to have the honor of being selected to be an Aireloom dealer, this is a true privilege. Call us today to set up an appointment to view the finest selection of mattresses in Lancaster County. Aireloom is shown by appointment only please call us at 717.299.6228 to set up your appointment today with our Aireloom Concierge.

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