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Sleep Naturally!

Sleep Naturally!

What’s inside a natural and organic mattress?

In this video and post we cover a wide range of topics - from cost to types of ingredients. We break down the different types of latex. What you should look for and what you should avoid.

One of the most confusing aspects of mattress purchasing is for those who wish to be a natural or organic mattress. In this video we dig deep into the ingredients, the terms, the fibers, the reasons why these mattresses even exist and what you should be focused on.

For some, simply not having chemical fire barriers is enough, cotton and/or wool barriers solve this problem.

For others they would like to lay directly on natural materials, a topper (wool, cotton, latex) can take care of this when put on top of a new supportive innerspring mattress. This certainly helps keep the investment down.

And others look for a total solution, natural and organic with supporting certification top to bottom.

If you have more questions you can book a private 1:1 appointment with us via - Zoom, in store appointment, phone or text. Simply reach out via our website and we will get it set up.

Enjoy and sleep well, naturally!

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