Why are two sided mattresses hard to find, do flippable mattresses exist?

The answer is YES! Two sided, flippable, or “old school” type mattresses still do exist and at Gardner’s we have an exciting assortment of them, 12 in fact on display for you to test out. From budget level to luxury level hybrids we have a great selection hand picked by Jeff & Ben for the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Two sided beds will no doubt extend the comfort life and enjoyment of your mattress versus a one sided mattress. You have four total sleeping zones in a two sided mattress versus a one sided mattress. This is not to say one sided mattresses are bad they offer value and some hold up and perform very well.

Your latex and memory foam type mattresses are better when made as a single sided option because the offer increased stability and support while being super comfy and if two sided the prices would be 30-40% higher. Value oriented beds are one sided as well and because of the need for value priced mattresses they are made one sided too.

Name brand level mattresses are one sided for a number reasons, mostly because they are most cost effective to manufacturer across their large scale operations. Additionally a one sided mattress is actually easier to pass when it comes to the government strict fire retardancy standards. All of this adds up to increased efficiencies when it comes to cost of manufacturing, materials and the price you pay.

If you’ve ever been let down by a one sided mattress that failed you prematurely be sure to seek out and try two sided mattresses, what is old is new again at Gardner’s Mattress & More in Lancaster, PA!




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