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Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) mattresses and bedding are produced in the nation’s only large-scale 100% organic factory. OMI’s commitment to maintaining a smoke-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free environment runs so deep that their employees don’t smoke, wear fragrances, or use fabric softeners on their clothing. OMI’s handmade organic mattresses are manufactured in Northern California by expert artisans. OMI produces the purest mattress available.


Duo mattress OrganicPedic

The Duo Mattress

The OrganicPedic® Duo mattress is fully customizable so each sleeper can tailor the feel of the mattress to his or her personal preference. Start with one of our tried-and-true configurations or select the premium certified organic natural rubber layers that feel the best to you. The three layers are individually encased in organic cotton sleeves that prolong the life of the mattress, and are labeled with their firmness to make it simple to change your mattress around. Just unzip our signature OrganicPedic quilted cover, make your changes, and zip it back up. The sculpted surface of the top layer provides the ultimate in comfort and pressure-point relief. Constructed of organic materials in our organic Eco-Factory, this certified organic mattress is sure to give you years of great sleep.

Lago Nouveau Mattress OrganicPedic

Lago Nouveau

The OrganicPedic® Lago Nouveau is a two-sided, 10½” sculpted-surface mattress made with a 6” core of firm 100%-natural rubber under a soft internal sculpted-surface layer and covered with our innovative new knit cushion quilting.

Midori Mattress OrganicPedic


The OrganicPedic® Midori is a contemporary, low-profile mattress. Measuring at 7” high, it is a two-sided, flat-surface mattress made from a 6″ one-piece core of medium-firm 100%-natural rubber, then covered with our signature OrganicPedic knit quilting. The Midori was designed in the style of a firm Japanese-style sleep system. It makes a great option for sleepers looking for firm support, as well as for children.

3 inch wool topper

Wooly 3-Inch Topper

The 3″-deep certified organic Eco-Wool™ Wooly is well suited for sleepers who need a softer surface depth or who enjoy a bed with a “nesting” feel.

1.5 inch wool topper

Wooly 1.5-Inch Lite Topper

The economical 1.5″-deep certified organic Eco-Wool™ Wooly Lite is perfectly suited for the sleeper who needs just a little extra surface cushioning.

Wave Pillow Topper

Wave 3-Inch Natural Rubber Topper

Made of 3″ of GOLS certified organic natural rubber encased in certified organic cotton knit fabric. The sculpted surface provides comfort for sleepers with pressure-point issues. This comfortable pillow top provides added surface depth for sleepers, but with more firmness than a wool topper and without reducing the support of the mattress.

Allura Latex Topper

Allura 2-Inch Natural Rubber Topper

The 2″-deep GOLS certified organic natural rubber topper offers surface softness This is made with a single core of USDA certified organic natural rubber sap, and covered with our signature OrganicPedic® knit quilting.

Verona Latex Topper

Verona 2-Inch Natural Rubber Topper

2″ of GOLS certified organic natural rubber encased in certified organic cotton knit fabric. This super soft layer adds that extra “ahhh” to any OMI mattress.

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