PranaSleep Natural Rubber Mattresses



Founded in 2004 and built upon 40 years of family experience, PranaSleep utilizes the latest technologies and materials to craft luxurious and comforting natural rubber mattresses. PranaSleep is the most advanced natural rubber sleep system available anywhere. Gardner’s is proud to be Pennsylvania’s sole provider of it’s unique “5th Generation” Performance Luxury lineup.

Using natural rubber, Outlast Smart-Fabric Technology, and experienced craftspeople, PranaSleep has developed a one-of-a-kind sleep system that is sure to please even the highest of standards.

Natural Rubber

PranaSleep’s Performance Talalay natural rubber, made in the U.S.A., naturally conforms to the body and alleviates pressure points, allowing for greater circulation. Natural rubber is heat and moisture resistant, antimicrobial, naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, and remains impression free for years.


Foam 2


Outlast Smart Fabric Technology

Originally developed by NASA to be used in space suits, Outlast yarns are plied with microscopically encapsulated thermocules and woven into the covers of each PranaSleep bed. What does that mean? The PranaSleep beds are unique in the temperature-control category and utilize highly technological fabrics that absorb and release your body heat when necessary. The end result is a more comfortable, deeper sleep than ordinary mattresses.




Handmade Quality

Made in the U.S.A. in and utilizing the latest technologies, every mattress is handcrafted and scrutinized along each stage of production. A rigorous final inspection ensures that only the best work is sent to you and because each piece is handmade, PranaSleep is capable of custom designing a mattress for you. If you need a specific sized mattress for an antique bed frame, a motor coach or even a Tiny House, PranaSleep can craft one to fit your needs.


PranaSleep Line

Vinyasa Plush Firm

Vinyasa Plush/Firm

PranaSleep’s proprietary-formula natural rubber foam has more than three times the amount of rubber as ordinary Talalay natural rubber. Used throughout the mattress to provide support and pressure relief, the Vinyasa Plush and Firm mattress is then topped off with a 3″ quilt layer. A combination of high density foam and a breathable layer of the UltraQuilt, the NASA-developed Outlast material, allows for a temperature-regulated sleep. The Vinyasa mattresses add up to 11″-12″ of superior comfort.

Super Vinyasa Plush Firm

Super Vinyasa Plush/Firm

This mattress uses the same natural rubber core, comfort layer and UltraQuilt layer as the Vinyasa set, however it adds an additional 1″ of soft, layered natural rubber to offer maximum pressure relief and enhanced comfort. Allowing for a deeper, pain free sleep, the Super Vinyasa Plush or Firm mattresses will exceed your expectations of a high-quality mattress and allows for a comfortable, well-rounded sleep.

Wahe Luxury Plush

Wahe Luxury Plush

Building upon the Vinyasa and Super Vinyasa mattresses, the Wahe Luxury Plush measures in at 15″ thick and maximizes comfort with extra layers of plush natural rubber, a thick and supportive core and a breathable knit cover. It represents the thickest natural rubber mattress on the Gardner’s showroom.

EuroSlat Foundation

EuroSlat Foundation

This foundation is engineered to follow the natural curves of your body and absorb pressure when being used. The beech-wood slats are bowed and adjustable around the hip area to enable customized comfort and support. Traditional foundations are also available in both 10″ and 6″ heights.

For more information on PranaSleep’s lineup of mattresses, contact us at Gardner’s or stop by our Plaza Blvd showroom to try one out today!

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