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Mattress Protectors


Protect-a-Bed brand Mattress Protectors offer an important function in sleep and sleep health. As we sleep, we perspire and shed skin cells. This can damage the mattress over a long period of time and what’s worse, it will attract dust mites. Dust mites are known to feed off of our skin cells and their fecal matter can build up and cause allergic reactions. Not a pretty picture to be painted, however by using a mattress protector, we create a dust-proof, waterproof seal that can be removed like a fitted sheet and washed; assuring a clean and allergy free sleep environment.


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Classic Mattress Protector

The Classic Mattress Protector features the Miracle Membrane, which keeps your mattress free from stains and provides a barrier to dust mites and allergens. It goes on like a fitted sheet and is easy to use, remove, clean and re-use. The 100% polyester surface provides clean and durable protection. Also available in pillow protectors.

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Premium Mattress Protector

The Premium Mattress Protector is soft and super absorbent and features a terry towel surface. The ultra-thin material provides a natural feel and offers the same, important protection.  Also available in pillow protectors.

Therm-A-Sleep Mattress Protector Pack Shot

Therm-A-Sleep Mattress Protector

The Therm-a-Sleep Mattress Protector is made from Tencel, an all-natural Eucalyptus based fiber. Ultra smooth, the Therm-a-Sleep protector provides a soft, silky and cool sleeping surface. Naturally thermo-regulating, the Therm-a-Sleep provides a comfortable sleep environment year-round. Also available in pillow protectors.



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