Mattress Protectors


Gardner’s offers a great selection of mattress protection for a variety of needs and uses.

As we sleep, we shed skin cells and perspire throughout the night. Although it doesn’t seem like much during the course of one night, it does add up over time. The main allergens people react to are dust (from the collected skin cells) and dust mite feces (dust mites feed on our skin cells and well…). Another reason mattress protection is highly recommended is the ease of cleaning. Most protectors are used like a fitted sheet and should be washed on a regular basis. As an added bonus, the waterproof barrier included on all protectors will shield against spills and vengeful pets and helps maintain the cleanliness of the mattress as well as the warranty. Stains will void your mattresses warranty.

We also carry Mattress Encasements which are great barriers against Bedbugs. Encasements cover all 6 sides of a mattress and/or foundation and are sealed with a zipper. For the ultimate in protection, encasements are recommended.

We offer Protect-a-Bed, Bed GearSerta and Malouf mattress protectors and encasements. Click the brand names to explore the accessory pages or stop by one of our stores to see for yourself!


Serta 220

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