REM-Fit Active lifestyle Bedding is available Exclusively at Factory Direct Mattresses & Sofas by Gardner’s

Sleep 500 12-Inch

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress in a box combines the motion isolation and conformity of the best memory foam with the instant response of a pocket-coil mattress for superior support and comfort. Topped with premium fabric, this cooling memory foam mattress optimizes airflow, wicks moisture away from the body, and features Nordic Chill fiber which disperses heat throughout the night for cooler, more sound sleep. With 5 unique layers of foam and pocketed coils, the REM-Fit Sleep 500 hybrid mattress relieves tension and distributes weight evenly to eliminate pressure points. Topped with a gel-infused layer of Adaptive Foam, it quickly responds to changes in body position, while a lower layer of Cradle Foam tailors itself to your shape. Between the top foam layers and the pocket coil bed, rests specially formulated Transition Foam. This layer increases the mobility of the pocketed coils, for individualized support and increased motion isolation.

Sleep 400 12-Inch

The no-flip REM-Fit Sleep 400 Memory Foam Mattress provides cool comfort, pressure relief and motion separation with three distinct layers of gel-infused Adaptive Foam nimble Responsive Foam and sturdy Support Foam. It flexes with the body’s contours, prevents sinking into the mattress and controls unwanted bounce. Topped with Re-Ax Unleashed fabric, Tencel botanical fibers woven in the Hi-Flow Knit pattern, the mattress’s soft surface responds to changes in body temperature by quickly dissipating heat. Contour Fit provides free range of motion with four-way stretching properties. Designed for the ultimate sleep recovery, this memory foam mattress features a hypoallergenic design that inhibits the growth of bacteria and actively wicks away skin moisture, encouraging a drier, healthier and more comfortable bed. Designed for reliability, this mattress is durability-tested with a 350-pound roller through 250,000 cycles. The REM-Fit Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is backed by a 25-year warranty, so you can count on decades of sound sleep.

Sleep 300 10-Inch

The no-flip REM-Fit Sleep 300 mattress combines superior conformity and comfort. Featuring a top layer of Adaptive Foam, it provides gel-infused flexible support that’s cool and responsive, while a Cradle Foam layer conforms to your shape, providing positive pressure under the curve of your back, along your sides and down your legs. Built on a 6.5-inch foundation of support foam, the Sleep 300 prevents deep sinking, making it perfect for stomach, back, side and larger sleepers. Designed to deliver the optimum sleep environment, this memory foam mattress is covered in Re-Ax Unleashed Fiber™ combined in the Hi-Flow Knit™ pattern. This combination allows it to not only transfer heat and rapidly respond to moisture, but increases airflow to reduce sleep temperature and increase comfort. The REM-Fit Sleep 300 also features Contour Fit, a unique structure that delivers 4-way stretch, leading to a more responsive, flexible sleep surface. Tested through 250,000 cycles with a 350 lbs. load, the REM-Fit 300 is proven to deliver consistent support and comfort.

Sleep 200 8-Inch

The REM-Fit Sleep 200 features two distinct layers of memory foam that deliver the support, conformity and cooling you need for your best sleep. Crafted from cooling gel-infused Adaptive Foam, the top 2.5 inches deliver ample flexibility, while helping keep sleep temperatures low by dispersing heat throughout the night. The bottom 5.5 inches are made with Support Foam, a specially formulated mattress foam that stops sinking by providing ample support and superior durability. This memory foam bed is topped with REM-Fit’s premium fabric, which is designed to deliver incredible flexibility, airflow and environmental control. Comprised of Re-Ax Fiber™, the mattress top responds instantly to changes in body temperature, by helping dissipate hot spots and wicking moisture away from the sleeper. Woven using the Hi-Flow Knit™ pattern, the mattress top fabric ensures optimum airflow throughout the night, while Contour Fit provides optimum conformity through its four-way stretching properties. Created for enduring support, the REM-Fit Sleep 200 mattress is put through heavy testing. It’s covered by a 10-year warranty, and provides premium features at an affordable price. This memory foam mattress is built to provide decades of comfort, and save money at the same time.