Rest Bed


The ReST Bed is the only truly smart bed: It Senses Pressure, Automatically Responds, and Reports Sleep Data.

A ReST Bed helps you sleep better so that you can live better


ReST Bed

How it Works:

The ReST Bed® is a mattress with five zones, each corresponding to a part of the body (Head, Shoulder, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs).

Using the ReST® app, you can customize the level of support for any of these zones.

In addition, embedded in the mattress is a patented fabric, which monitors your unique shape and pressure profile. This sleep data is sent to a whisper quiet pump below the mattress which then automatically adjusts the mattress’ firmness in real time.

The ReSTdash™ feature of the app reports unique sleep data, which empowers you with the information you need to perform your best.

Of course, the ReST Bed® not only collects sleep data; it also helps you sleep better in the first place!

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The world’s first #smartbed

The ReST Bed® was highly honored at CES because it is a sleep technology solution for better sleep and recovery.

The surface of the mattress itself provides the benefits of wearable technologies but without having to change your normal habits or routines. You no longer have to remember to turn a device on before going to sleep or adjust your sleeping position to accommodate a device.


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ACTUAL Customer Reviews: 

“This bed is literally a life changer, allowing me to adjust to meet the needs of my every changing pregnant body!”

– Tara S. (Brick, NJ)

“There is no bed on the market that can do all of this. It’s like a Sleep Number on steroids.

– Leslie G. (Atlanta, GA)

“This bed is life changing! My life has changed both while sleeping and awake.”

– Cory B. (Cleveland, OH)

“I am TEN out of TEN likely to recommend the ReST Bed® to a friend.”

– Lyron D. (Lewes, DE)