Organic Bedding Accessories

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Savvy Rest offers a unique feature not found in most bedding accessories: Organic Materials. Everything that goes into making Savvy Rest products- the natural rubber, wool, and cotton- are certified organic by various agencies worldwide. Touted for it’s health benefits, Savvy Rest accessories are all-natural, durable and consistent.


The natural Shredded Natural Rubber Pillow features soft, shredded natural rubber. The pillow is overstuffed, which allows one to customize the pillow’s profile. Simply unzip the outer and inner casings and remove the shredded natural rubber until the desired thickness is obtained. Store the extra natural rubber or reuse it for homemade crafts (natural rubber cat bed, anyone?). Available in Mini (12″x12″), Standard, Queen, King and Body sizes.



The Organic Wool Pillow is stuffed with comforting, natural wool. One of the benefits of wool is it’s natural temperature stabilizing properties. It insulates, from heat or cold, and improved air-flow. Wool also promotes moisture evaporation to keep you dry and comfortable. The Organic Wool Pillow is customizable – like the Natural Rubber Pillow- just unzip the outer and inner covers and remove the preferred amount of wool.





The Harmony Topper features one 3″ layer of soft, natural rubber in Savvy Rest organic casing. Choose between Soft Talalay (very soft) or Soft Dunlop (Firm Softness). The Harmony Topper can be added to any mattress for extra cushioning and pressure relief.


The Savvy Woolsy is a duvet-style organic cotton casing filled with soft and airy organic wool fiber. The wool fill keeps the sleep surface cool and dry and promotes a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. Add to any mattress for extra comfort.




Natural Sheets from Savvy Rest are made with long-staple cotton and feature a soft, smooth finish. The 300 thread count ensures the perfect blend of durability and airflow. The cream color works with most color schemes. Set includes pillowcases, 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet.


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