Sheets and Linens

The perfect compliment to an incredible mattress.

Imagine enjoying your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. The appetizers, drinks, entree - perfect. But then for dessert, you simply say “no thanks, we’ll grab a cellophane wrapped Twinkie on the way home.”

In essence, this is what many do to their incredible new mattress everyday. They get it home and put their old, non-compatible sheets on their new mattress. You might be asking - how is it possible that sheets are not compatible with a mattress? Well, here are few things to consider:

  • Depth of the pocket, will your old sheets fit the profile of your new mattress?
  • Will your new sheets pop off the corners due to the thickness of your new mattress?
  • How will your sheets work with your sleep system when adjusting the head or foot?

Plus, there are so many amazing options today than ever before as it relates to temperature control while sleeping. Bamboo, Tencel, Poly Cotton blends all offer unique benefits to help you sleep soundly and their construction features allow for comfortable sleep without middle of the night frustrations that come with poorly fit sheets.

Sheets like you've NEVER had before...

Stitched with a Patent Strap that NEVER Slips Off

1.5” Corner anchor bands that keep corners from coming off. FirstFit feature that helps easily identify the head and foot of the fitted sheet.

Premium Linen Manufactured in the USA

Yep you read it right. We craft our linens here in the USA.  We have multiple plants scattered around our beautiful country.

Temperature Regulating For Every Season

Our sheets are temperature regulating and moisture wicking  to keep you cool and dry all night long.

Adjustable Bases - Sheets that stay on!

DreamFit has become a trusted bedding brand by designing sheets for the modern mattress and sleeper.