Natural, Organic & Latex Mattresses

The healthiest option for your body for one-third of your life.

Did you know your skin is your body's single largest organ? Your skin also has a unique ability to absorb all kinds of things through the day and night. What you lie down on each night does have a consequence - not only as it relates to your body, position and how you wake up in the morning but also in relation to what your body takes in overnight.

Natural mattresses offered at Gardner’s have at minimum a natural fire barrier made of either cotton, wool or both with no harsh or toxic chemicals. They are also devoid of petrochemical foams and other harsh man made products.

We also offer natural mattresses that take your sleep surface to another level with certified organic fibers, textiles and natural sap rubber latex layers - all organic claims are backed up with well known third party certifications. We are Lancaster’s largest retailer of natural and organic mattresses with over 25 natural and certified organic mattresses on display!

Harvest Natural Mattresses

There’s no comparison to a Harvest Green Mattress to traditional sleep sets that use memory foams, gel foams and, or synthetic foams. What sets us apart as the healthy alternative is the fact that we handcraft our ultra-premium green sleep surfaces from all-natural and organic materials without toxic industrial chemicals or synthetic foams. The Harvest Green Mattress is an all-natural green Dunlop latex sleep set that provides a healthier, luxurious choice. More on Harvest here.



Posh+Lavish procures and combines the finest, most luxurious components that offer exceptional performance and exquisite comfort.


Posh+Lavish mattresses use naturally infused materials such as long-lasting and uplifting latex rubber. Their latex is Oeko-Tex certified. Their mattresses are assembled with certified, non-toxic, water-based glue.


Encasing Posh+Lavish mattresses on all four sides is a generous amount of all-natural, long fiber wool between two layers of all-natural cotton, which is knitted. Their mattresses are boric acid and antimony free, of course.


Both cotton and wool can help warm you when you are cool and cool you when you are warm throughout the night. Additionally, both materials wick moisture from your body while you sleep.


Posh+Lavish mattress covers feature Tencel™-faced fabric. Tencel is derived from wood pulp and uses nanotechnology that is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and exceptionally durable.

Natural Mattresses for Kids

Chemicals can have an unpredictable effect on kids as they grow and develop. Give your child a healthy mattress designed just for them.

Natural Mattress Toppers

A natural mattress topper is a healthy way to add pressure relieving comfort and support to the surface of an existing mattress that simply too firm.