Healthy Mattress Surface

We are dirty animals!

That’s right we are. Every night our bodies naturally detoxify themselves via perspiration. Some more than others. But it is a natural process and nothing to be ashamed about. Unless of course you choose to not properly protect your mattress from yourself.

Over time your mattress absorbs this perspiration about one pint per night per person along with all the dead skin cells you shed while sleeping and moving about throughout the night. These two ingredients allow dust mites to thrive, survive and multiply. Think about all the nasty little things dust mites to do exist, all of them…..think about their daily cycles….just for a minute, it’s gross.

A quality mattress protector will not allow your perspiration to penetrate the mattress evaporating away as the night and day go on. You then can launder your skin cells away with regular washings, keeping your mattress clean, sanitary and healthy too.

Those who suffer from allergies and asthma greatly benefit by having their mattress & pillow protectors properly protected. Those with severe allergies will benefit greatly from our allergy proofing service for every mattress and pillow we offer. Full all sides protection that not only will keep dust mites away but will allow you to sleep in a very clean and healthy sleeping environment while making it easy to maintain and wash.

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