One-third of your spine, 25% of your side.

That’s right your pillow supports one-third of your spine and takes up 25% of your side of the mattress. Go ahead, flip your pillow from head to toe, you’ll see it takes up one-fourth of your side of the bed.

Pillows are important, they impact your sleep posture and position just as much as your mattress, they affect comfort, quality of sleep and the amount of aches and pains you have in the morning, or don’t have.

But how to find the right pillow? Many people, maybe even you, have closets full of pillows. We get it we are here to help you. You really need to consider your preferred sleep position and how the pillow relates to your sleep position and what you find comfortable. We offer all types of pillows can certainly help you find the right fit. We even make our own pillows to help you dial in that perfect blend of support and comfort.

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Introducing the Fill Station Pillow Kiosk – Only at Gardner’s!


Build a custom pillow that won’t go flat! Enjoy a 5-year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee with each purchase. Stop by Gardner’s on Plaza Blvd to learn more and find the perfect pillow, custom made just for you!

Custom fills are available to fit your preference! Click below each photo to learn more!


Alternative Down Fiber fill has a luxurious feel; soft, fluffy, and highly conforming to the head. Alternative down fibers don’t contain any animal product/feathers that may poke through the pillow as you sleep and are a great allergen-free alternative.

For a long-lasting, firm, and supportive feel, try a shredded latex pillow! Made from durable natural rubber foam which is then shredded into small pieces. Latex is mold resistant and greatly reduces allergens from dust mites.

Cushy memory foam is shredded into small pieces and filled to your preference. Offering a cushion firm feel, memory foam is more durable and breathable than standard foam.

Shredded poly foam is similar to the common poly fiber pillow fill with one exception: Less Flattening. This poly foam will support you for years to come and if you find that the pillow has flattened out, simply bring it in for a free pillow refreshing service!

Our 5-Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee offers unlimited re-fluffing service and loft adjustments. Please note that additional fill will require additional charges (per lb of fill).

Gardner's Mattress and More Fill Station Pillow Kiosk

Call us at 717-299-6228 for more information or visit us (830 Plaza Blvd, behind Park City Mall) to see the Fill Station Kiosk and make a customized pillow!