Mattress Toppers

New Life and New Experience.

Mattress toppers can breathe new life into a mattress when the comfort is no longer to your liking and is too firm causing you pressure points and pain. Sadly, there are few if any cases where a new mattress topper will make a mattress feel firmer. Typically, most look for a mattress topper because their current mattress has become uncomfortable. In some cases this is helpful and an affordable way to improve your sleep as opposed to investing in an entire new mattress.

There are many types of mattress toppers across many different price points. We choose to focus on offering toppers with quality foam layers - either gel memory foam or natural sap rubber latex toppers. These types of toppers make our customers happier longer.

We also use mattress toppers to dial-in a unique feel for those who are more "princess and the pea" versus being the average bear. For those with specific issues or sleep needs, we often combine toppers with new mattresses for a variety of reasons.

Often our customers love the comfort and surface feel natural sap rubber latex offers but simply cannot invest in a complete set. In these cases we combine a natural sap rubber latex topper with a quality innerspring - blending support with the comfort they love at a price that makes their wallet very happy. We’d invite you to explore the options we offer and see which is the best fit for your needs.