Tempur-Pedic Accessories



Did you know that Gardner’s was one of the first and only Tempur-Pedic Elite Retailers in the Lancaster area? While we think it’s quaint that our Big Box competitors have finally caught up with us, there’s only one mattress store that has the experience and knowledge you should trust: Gardner’s Mattress & More.

We carry the complimentary accessories that will complete your new Tempur-Pedic mattress set.



The Pima 310 Thread Count Sheet Set has a silky-smooth feel and features a Sateen weave. Finished off with a satin hem and the patented DreamFit corner straps, these sheets are comfortable, durable and designed specifically for Tempur-Pedic mattresses.




The Egyptian Cotton 420 Thread Count Sheet Set has the look and feel of a luxury set of sheets. The single ply sheets, paired with the classic Dobby Stripe and the lockstitch construction ensures long term durability and comfort. The Egyptian Cotton fitted sheet also includes the patented DreamFit corner straps, ensuring the right fit for your new Tempur-Pedic mattress.





The Traditional Pillow has the feel of a feather pillow but utilizes form-fitting Tempur Micro Cushions that work with the natural shape of your head and neck. The Traditional Pillow is available in soft, extra soft and medium and includes a removable, washable cover.




The Symphony Pillow is a medium-firm pillow that works for all sleeping positions. The contoured Tempur material maintains it’s shape for excellent support. It has a removable, washable cover and is dust mite and allergen resistant.





The Side Pillow features an Ergonomic shape developed by doctors that works to relieve muscles and allows complete relaxation. Perfect for side sleepers, this pillow holds your shoulder and beck when you sleep and keeps your body aligned


The Neck Pillow has a similar Ergonomic design to the Side Pillow but is customized for back sleepers. It allows for a more controlled posture and keeps your body aligned and relaxed.



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