The Duo Hybrid Mattress 

Your host invested in your comfort and experience while in their home, and in partnership with them, we are proud to introduce you to the Duo Hybrid Mattress.

A mattress designed to delight guests of AirBnB® and VRBO® rentals, now shipping to your home after vacation!

How the Duo Hybrid came to be...

The Duo Hybrid is a uniquely designed mattress offering a dual choice of comfort in the same mattress. One side has a firm comfort experience, and the other side has a soft comfort experience. 

This mattress was designed involving Dr. Bryan Hawley's input (see his credentials at the bottom of this page) a former chiropractor to ensure the ingredients inside the mattress properly support the body. The design was guided by Jeff Giagnocavo co-owner of Gardner's Mattress & More and designer of mattresses for 20 years. Finally, it's made in partnership with a family-owned mattress company, in business since 1899. Owned by the same family since 1899, the fourth generation is currently running day-to-day operations, these mattresses will stand the test of time.

What's inside the Duo Hybrid?

  • A two sided, "Flippable" mattress experience
    • The Duo Hybrid mattress, by design, extends the time you will enjoy your mattress.
  • An independent coil system 
    • for more comfort and pressure relief from the coil system itself.
  • A perimeter border edge of thicker coils
    •  to provide a sturdy edge to maximize your sleeping space and edge support for waking up and dressing.
  • A bonded fiber pad (a timeless ingredient, not widely used anymore) 
    • to ensure durability & position of the foams inside the mattress to prevent sagging over the long term use you can expect.
  • Heavy duty, durable support & comfort foams 
    • to ensure years of enhanced support without the sagging.
  • The Duo Hybrid firm experience 
    • side boasts a dual-layer of extra firm foam.
  • The Duo Hybrid soft experience 
    • has a generous layer of cooling gel memory foam. The gel memory foam is a full sheet (side to side, head to toe) of gel memory foam, not just in the lumbar area like some name-brand mattresses are made today.

The Duo Hybrid Firm Experience

The Duo Hybrid Soft Experience

More about the Duo Hybrid mattress

Many other "in a box, ship to your door" mattresses are marketed by well known brands but the production is farmed out to the lowest bidder.

Often times what is marketed and sold to you is shipped from any number of suppliers, and is often not representative of the specifications you invested in. We control our production with one partner we've had a 20 year relationship with ensuring you will enjoy what you experienced when it ships to your home.

We use better quality ingredients because we can and it's the right thing to do. So many big name brand owned companies carry heavy debt loads and their shareholders demand profit at any and all expense. Considering a mattress is a blind item it's easy to strip out quality in the ingredients used, because they can and you have no way of knowing until your mattress fails a few years into ownership.

Our family owned factory is debt free, operates with a lean model and when you invest in the Duo Hybrid mattress you get the quality you deserve and pay for, made by a family owned factory trusted for over 80 years. 

The Duo Hybrid ships compressed, rolled and in a box to your door for convenient handling and opening in your home. It has a full 10 year warranty as well. 

Because the Duo Hybrid is a mattress which may be flipped and rotated you will shift the main usage area with each flip and rotation, thereby extending the comfort life and spreading the wear and tear of your mattress.

Customize your Duo Hybrid Mattress Experience 

You may order as a True Duo Hybrid - one side firm experience, one side soft experience.

You may order as a Duo Hybrid Firm - both sides will be the firm experience.

You may order as a Duo Hybrid Soft - both side will be the soft experience.

The Duo Hybrid Wake Up Happy Guarantee

The Duo Hybrid comes with a 120 Night Wake Up Happy Guarantee. Because you've already experienced the Duo Hybrid while on vacation we are confident that you will love the Duo Hybrid at home. But for added peace of mind we extend our comfort guarantee of 120 nights when purchased with a valid code from your rental property host.

Should you have any concerns or questions about your Duo Hybrid once it's at home in your bedroom please reach out to us to discuss it. 

After 32 years, and counting, fitting customers for their best fit in a mattress we know a thing or two about helping find the right fit. It's possible your pillow at home is not the right fit anymore. Or maybe your foundation is the issue.

Regardless, if you're not loving the Duo Hybrid at home we will figure out why, and if we need to we will refund you in full for your mattress purchase providing you can donate it to a good cause, charity or someone in need in your community.

About Dr. Bryan Hawley

Bryan “DrB” Hawley is a speaker, coach, author, and once-practicing physician. With a 30 year career in healthcare and having built one of the largest Decompression clinics nationwide, bringing pain relief and comfort to people all across this nation was the catalyst that ignited a passion to help others become their optimal selves. 

Though DrB has forged a new career path, his passion and drive to serve others still remains one of his core values. For over 15 years, he has been leading others through his message and coaching whether it be on stage, face-to-face, or written word. His expertise in medical, holistic, and spiritual health have an energy that is unique and authentically his own.