Sleep Better Challenge

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Welcome! Our goal is to help our Lancaster County neighbors sleep better and wake up happy. 

The 30 Day Sleep Better Challenge is for those who wish to sleep better and have been struggling to wake up feeling happy and refreshed.

The 30 Day Sleep Better Challenge is geared around changing and challenging your mindset on how you view sleep and approach developing a truly healthy, sustainable and easily repeatable routine so you can sleep better.

Each day for the next 30 days we will email you a Sleep Better tip. Some will be easy tactical things to do others will be more involved, overall this doesn’t require a ton of time, just your focus to truly make some changes so you can sleep better.

Along with each sleep tip sent to you daily, we will also be tracking your daily sleep habits that should be part of your daily sleep routine.

The daily habits we will track and award 20 points per habit are as follows,

  1. No caffeine after 2:00pm each day. Caffeine in your system after 2:00pm disrupts your body’s natural rhythm and impacts your ability to sleep soundly at night

  2. No cellphones, tablets, laptops 1 hour before bed. Blue light emitted from these screens actually tricks your brain and body's natural rhythm into thinking it’s daytime. Since blue light is on the same spectrum as sun light, using these devices up until bedtime, or worse in bed, creates a battle you will always lose.

  3. Sleep in 90 minute intervals. Simply adapt your amount of sleep into 90 minute intervals. Sleeping 4.5 or 6 or 7.5 or 9 hours allows your mind and body to properly line up with your natural REM sleep patterns our mind naturally seeks out. If you’ve ever woken up feeling groggy and out of sorts it’s likely because your sleep pattern had you deep in REM sleep. Sleeping in 90 minute intervals allows your body the best chance to line up these patterns and you to maximize the benefit of your sleep each and every night.

  4. Go to bed at the same time each night. This is a little harder given our busy lives, but this one is impactful. Adjust your bedtime back from the time you need to wake up using the 90 minute intervals. Even on party nights, late nights, fun nights do your best to get to bed at the same time.

  5. Wake up at the same time each morning. Even on weekends! Yes, this might be a lot to ask but our body and mind are most productive in the morning and committing to a 7 day a week routine will pay you dividends with a happier, healthier more well rested body. 

Good luck with our 30 Day Sleep Better Challenge. Remember each day we will email you helpful tips to enhance and improve your sleep habits and routine so by the end of the 30 days you’ll be sleeping better.

Additionally we will send you a daily check in email reminder to do your daily check in form.

IMPORTANT - your daily check in form may only be submitted one time every 24 hours. So don’t forget to do the daily check in form, if you forget you lose your points for the day.

At the end of the challenge we will award prizes for the most points and biggest sleep transformation. Look in your email as we near the end of the challenge for more details on the prizes.

Good luck, have fun and sleep better!