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Ah, natural rubber. The most misunderstood mattress type there is. If you’ve done any research on natural rubber mattresses, you may have given up as you found more questions than answers. We’re here to help set the record straight. 

First, if you’re in the least bit interested in a natural rubber mattress, I encourage you to request our free natural rubber mattress information guide at the bottom of this page.

Second, natural rubber has been around in mattresses for longer than I’ve been alive. Ok, I was only born in the late 70’s, but we’ve got an old natural rubber ad from 1951 hanging in our showroom that touts the benefits of sleeping on a mattress made of natural foam rubber. 1951!

For folks looking for the purest or most natural or organic products, look no further than natural rubber.

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Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) mattresses and bedding are produced in the nation’s only large-scale 100% organic factory. OMI’s commitment to maintaining a smoke-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free environment runs so deep that even their employees don’t smoke, wear fragrances, or use fabric softeners on their clothing. OMI’s handmade organic mattresses are manufactured in Northern California by expert artisans. 



PranaSleep features a proprietary-formula natural rubber, which contains triple the natural rubber as ordinary Talalay latex, and the UltraQuilt top layer, which uses NASA-developed Outlast micro-capsules which are woven into the fabric. It is the perfect balance of support, comfort and temperature control . Click here to read more about PranaSleep natural rubber mattresses.


Posh Lavish


The newest addition to our Showroom is Posh+Lavish. All natural materials including knit cotton and compressed wool cover and Tencel to create a soft, cool feel. All Posh+Lavish beds feature a 6″ Dunlop Core for extra durability and superior support. 25% of all Posh+Lavish’s profits are donated to CURE International, which is a network of charitable hospitals and programs that provide healing services to children with treatable conditions around the world. Click here to read more about Posh+Lavish natural rubber mattresses.


Savvy Rest Mattress - Gardner's Mattress & More - Lancaster, PA

We carry four incredible brands of natural rubber mattresses. Savvy Rest natural rubber mattresses are organic certified, and a fully customizable for firmness from top to bottom and side to side. Yeah, your sleep partner who may be a different size from you can have their own feel and you can have yours. Learn more about Savvy Rest here.


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Offering natural and certified organic bedding, Naturepedic is a great alternative to the traditional mass produced bedding that may off-gas or contain harsh chemicals. With one less thing to worry about – a healthy night’s sleep – Naturpedic offers up these affordable, natural sleep options.


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The next natural rubber mattress brand we carry at Gardner’s is Pure Talalay Bliss. Pure Talalay Bliss beds are 100% Talalay natural rubber foam rubber and incorporate a breathable, moisture wicking capability into their stretch cover for one of the most conforming and cool sleeping surfaces on the market. Click here to read more about Pure Talalay Bliss.


Is Your Mattress the Problem?

Are you confused about Natural Latex Mattresses? Our free guide will help you understand the benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress!