Buy a YOUR Pillow!

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Did you know you can buy a pillow made just for you, custom fit to how you sleep? We custom make our pillows right here in the store for each of our customers. Our Fill Station pillows can be made from all natural latex, buckwheat hulls, down alternative fiber, soft poly foam and chill fill cooling memory foam.

A popular option is our 50/50 blend of all natural latex and chill fill cooling memory foam.

We make our pillows in standard, queen and king sizes. And offer a variety of pillow protection options from allergy proof to added cooling to help you drift off to sleep faster.

For peace of mind all of our Fill Station pillows come with a full 5 year adjustment guarantee. If your pillow goes flat or needs fill adjustment we will happily service your pillow for free for five full years.

Visit our stores today to be fit for your very own custom made, custom fit pillow.