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4 Simple Steps for Safe Mattress Shopping @ Gardner’s Mattress & More

4 Simple Steps for Safe Mattress Shopping @ Gardner’s Mattress & More

June 5th marks a unique day in history for Gardner’s. We get to re-open on the other side of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Along the way we’ve taken time to understand CDC guidelines and make our shopping environment comfortable and safe for you. You can read about our steps we take in the store here –

In addition to these steps we’ve also discovered a simple process to help you cut down on time in our store without sacrificing or skipping any steps in the buying process.

We never want to rush you but we felt presenting a simple, comfortable and educational path you can take from home made sense.

If you’d like to shop by appointment click here and we can set up a time to work with you. Even once we open to the public we are happy to offer private appointments if you wish to be the only person in the store at the time.

GMaM - Pre Shopping info graphic Rev2

Screwed by Wolf Furniture

Screwed By Wolf Furniture 

Two main questions we’ve heard throughout this process for our local neighbors are how do I get my money back from Wolf Furniture and what happens to my deposit at Wolf Furniture?

Sadly the result of Wolf Furniture’s demise is total closure and shut down due to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidation. When this happens those with deposits, gift cards and store credit on the books are classed as unsecured creditors.

At this point, you are in line with many other unsecured vendors like their vendors, advertisers, contractors, and of course the many other customers in the same position as you. Once the assets are all sold and the monies divided out the money will go to secured creditors first, then the judge sorts out the rest.

In the end unsecured creditors will get pennies on the dollars if anything at all. If you have a credit card deposit you should reach out to them ASAP to see if you’re able to get a chargeback through. If your purchase was financed you should reach out to the finance company to update them with your status.

Yet again, private equity companies ruined and destroyed a once good family-owned business.  

Overall, we are very disappointed to hear our Lancaster County neighbors lost their deposits and paid in full money towards orders placed with the Wolf Furniture as a result of their bankruptcy and store closing. 

Local and family-owned Gardner's Mattress & More, a 10x Reader's Choice Favorite Mattress Store, a place you can trust, is here to help. We specialize in mattresses and can help you with recliners, sofas, manual reclining and power reclining sofas too!

We offer a simple solution to a complex problem, just follow the steps below. 

Hint it's easier to figure out than the old Wolf's Furniture "Reference Prices!"

- Step 1 -

Relax - we're here to genuinely help! 

We offer everyday low pricing, no coupons or codes needed. And just for you we will put together an aggressive stimulus savings package.

- Step 2 -

Send us a photo of your Wolf Furniture receipt via email to or text it to us at 717-429-8289

- Step 3 -

Set up a 1:1 private appointment to visit our store to confirm our comparable (often better products for less) and apply YOUR special "Wolf Furniture Screwed Me Over Stimulus Savings"

Send us an email today, tell us about your situation and we will put together a package of savings for you. Reach out to us at or text us at 717-429-8289

Safe Mattress Shopping

Safe Mattress Shopping

At Gardner’s the customer experience is paramount. We pride ourselves on over 800+ 5-star reviews online and in store.

Now, as we move beyond the spring of 2020 in a post COVID19 world we realize your experience now means ensuring your comfort and safety in our store.

Here are the steps we’ve taken and will continue to take as we work together in our store:

  1. Shop comfortably and with plenty of room in over 7,000 square feet of showroom space. We will continue to offer private appointments at select times if you wish, simply contact us to set up an appointment. But know that most days our customer traffic is very much one person/couple at a time.

  1. We will wear our facemasks according to PA state mandates for the safety of our employees. We will have facemasks to offer you for your use if you so choose. We ask that anyone feeling sick or running a fever stay home, this of course is common sense no matter the time period we are in.

  1. Upon entering our store you may use our handwashing station.

  1. We will always practice safe distancing and we will stay at least “a bed away”. Most of our displays are queen mattresses as such they are five feet wide, and with ample space between each display model by staying a bed away we all but ensure a minimum of 6 feet of distance at all times.

  1. We offer pillow napkins while you lay down and try out our mattresses and pillows.

  1. We offer “people proof” mattress protectors to put on each mattress as we try them. This way you are laying down on a fresh surface for your visit. We launder these protectors on site in hot water and dry on high heat to kill off germs.

  1. We sanitize all fabric surfaces (pillows and mattresses) with Steri-Fab a PA state approved disinfectant after each visit.

  1. We clean and sanitize common areas for enhanced safety for all.

  1. Our credit card machines are no contact between you and us. You maintain your card with no need to pass it back and forth.

  2. As you leave our store you may simply exit the door using an elbow or other part of your body to push out for a less contact method of leaving.

Together we are confident we can still provide you with an incredible and safe shopping experience. There is nothing like having the right fit when it comes to a new mattress and sleep system. We will look to work with you efficiently to narrow down your options and as you experience each model that may be a fit we will help you do so safely and with peace of mind.

Sleep Naturally!

Sleep Naturally!

What’s inside a natural and organic mattress?

In this video and post we cover a wide range of topics - from cost to types of ingredients. We break down the different types of latex. What you should look for and what you should avoid.

One of the most confusing aspects of mattress purchasing is for those who wish to be a natural or organic mattress. In this video we dig deep into the ingredients, the terms, the fibers, the reasons why these mattresses even exist and what you should be focused on.

For some, simply not having chemical fire barriers is enough, cotton and/or wool barriers solve this problem.

For others they would like to lay directly on natural materials, a topper (wool, cotton, latex) can take care of this when put on top of a new supportive innerspring mattress. This certainly helps keep the investment down.

And others look for a total solution, natural and organic with supporting certification top to bottom.

If you have more questions you can book a private 1:1 appointment with us via - Zoom, in store appointment, phone or text. Simply reach out via our website and we will get it set up.

Enjoy and sleep well, naturally!

Why is Mattress Shopping Hard?

Why Is Mattress Shopping Hard?

???Why is Mattress Shopping so Difficult?

In this video post, we cover the reasons why and what you can do to overcome the difficulty so you can wake up happy!

? The subjectivity of mattresses doesn’t help, but we offer tips to overcome this.

? Buying on specifications alone may not be the only way to go.

? Watch out for Pay to Play review sites.

? Do brand names matter, how important are they?

? Why are there so many mattress stores?

? Sale prices vs. everyday low prices.

? What do mattresses cost?

? What am I really deciding on?

We cover these 8 points in this video.

If you need help with your next mattress purchase we can help both near (in Lancaster, PA) and far start here...

? Visit to get started - we can work with you via Zoom, Phone or private 1:1 in-store appointment.

You can also request your own copy of our book, Sleep Better, right from the home page of our website.

Gardner's Mattress & More

830 Plaza Blvd

Lancaster, PA 17601


Helpful Tips to Wake Up Happy with Your Favorite Pillow

Helpful Tips to Wake Up Happy with Your Favorite Pillow

This is a great video to watch if you need some tips to get better sleep with a pillow you like, or possibly thought would work but didn't feel quite right. Watch this video and you might find some new life and comfort from a pillow you thought wasn't a good fit by trying the tips we offer.

We also cover...

How you're using your pillow now, it's likely wrong and might actually be contributing to your aches and pains.

How you can use your pillow properly for better comfort and support as it relates to side, back and stomach sleepers.

We also cover what type and what profile might best suit your body and sleep position so you can wake up happy.

Plus, we go over how what Grandma told you about posture - "stand up straight dear!" is important as it relates to sleep and waking up happy.

Gardner's Mattress & More

830 Plaza Blvd

Lancaster, PA 17601


How a mattress can save your marriage

Discover how couples sleep great together…Even when their partners’ sleeping habits & routines are grounds for divorce!

You’ve been there a long hard day at work, met with an even more stressful evening at home. Dinner, homework, planning for the upcoming weekend all you want to do is – Go.To. Sleep.

But then, you have them and there they are beside you, ready to do it again just like last night. 

Your partner. Snoring loud as an old Mack truck, flipping and flopping like a fish out of water – then all of the sudden they are out cold. Leaving you to wonder, was this really worth it? Is this what I said “I do” for? I get sickness and health but this is nightly torture!

Awake and frustrated while they sleep, and you would love to just grab that extra pillow and suffocate them with it so you can get at least one night of rest before the police investigate your crime of passion. <this is a joke, we are not advocating you smother your partner>

All jokes aside, sleep is important – it’s the single biggest contributor to healing from any illness or injury. Every doctor will say, “take your medicine and get extra sleep…” 

Sleeping together with our partner is also very important for our relationships and co-sleeping with our partner in life is one of the most intimate and close things we can do with one another. We are human and we crave connections. But really, ever since you had to compromise on a mattress choice years ago, you’ve been the one suffering as they sleep like a baby on what they picked because they had the biggest issues at the time.

Meanwhile for years you’ve compromised. And now, when sleep is more important than ever as it relates to health, well being and the ability to manage stress you are left to suffer.

This is why more and more smart couples who wish to be happier, have less stress, work together better as family leaders and have a happier more fulfilled life sleep on a Less Snore, More Cuddle™ sleep system from Gardner’s Mattress & More.

It’s true our Less Snore, More Cuddle™ systems allow you to get what you want, sleep how you want, on the mattress you want, in the position you want….AND….keep the cuddle zone!

Now, maybe you don’t suffer from a snoring partner maybe it would be more appropriate to describe your bedroom struggles as…

  • Less jimmy legs, More Cuddle
  • Less groaning and moaning from back or neck pain, More Cuddle
  • Less toss and turn, More Cuddle
  • Less flip and flop, More Cuddle
  • Less aches and pains, More Cuddle


Today the options for that perfect blend of support and comfort for you, and what they want for them has never been easier – and no it’s NOT two twin beds side by side.

It’s a marriage saving, health improving, stress reducing wake up happy in the morning ready to kick butt take names game changing sleep system.

Why are these sleep systems SUPERIOR to other lesser old school 100+ year old mattress designs?

Because often it’s the position of your body which offers the most pressure relief and pain reduction. Each of you can adjust and sleep in your own position while keeping the cuddle zone, you each get what you want and still feel like you are together in the same bed all night long.

What makes these sleep systems so IRRESISTIBLE and a must have for your bedroom?

At the touch of a button, depending on how hard of a day you have had, your mattress can respond to how your body and your needs just for you and you still keep the cuddle zone together all night long.

What makes these sleep systems a NO-BRAINER for couples who wish to enhance their marital happiness and success? 

Despite all you’ve tried to get better sleep – pillows, pills, potions, rubs, routines, relaxation therapies it all has minimal impact on the quality of your sleep. Only when you have a Less Snore, More Cuddle™ sleep system in your bedroom, supporting your body ready to adapt at your demand and adjust to your every need can you then truly reap the benefits of repeated quality sleep night over night.

CLICK HERE to explore our Less Snore, More Cuddle options

If you’d like a phone or virtual consult with us CLICK HERE to book a private appointment in our store to confirm which Less Snore, More Cuddle™ sleep system is the right fit for you, your bedroom and your marriage!

17 Tips to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment and Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Picture this: Despite your jam-packed schedule, you’ve still reserved enough time to unwind and relax before bed. Your bedroom is cool, calm, and dark, and you’re able to fall asleep and stay asleep without any trouble. The next morning, you manage to wake up before your alarm and feel well-rested, perhaps even energetic, and ready to take on the world. If this sounds like a scenario you can only dream of, you’re not alone – about half of Americans wake up feeling well-rested. We’ve gathered the 17 best tips for creating the ideal sleep environment to improve your quality of sleep so you can (finally) get a good night’s rest.

A perfectly set bedroom to create the ideal sleeping environment

Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

1) Declutter your room. Keeping your bedroom tidy and removing any potential distractions is essential for your body to begin to relax. Important work documents, busy artwork or even a treadmill are all examples of the stressful reminders of your responsibilities that can distract you while you are trying to sleep. Instead, try to keep your room clutter-free and the décor to a minimum.

2) Reduce light exposure in the evening. For an ideal sleep environment, try room darkening window treatments, heavy curtains, or an eye mask to eliminate as much light as possible. Light can come from anywhere—streetlights, your hallway, even the moon and stars—all of which can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime. Blue light can also disrupt your quality of sleep. Research shows that blue light exposure keeps you awake by increasing alertness, shifting your circadian rhythm, and suppressing the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. Set the alarm an hour before you want to lay down signaling it’s time to give up your devices, and begin your bedtime ritual or take up reading instead. You may even consider investing in filtering eyeglasses to wear throughout the day as you are looking at a computer or phone screen to avoid straining your eyes.

3) Use Essential Oils. It’s no surprise that smell influences how we feel by associating scents with emotions and memories. Often overlooked, essential oil for sleep can help you wind down, relax and eventually drift off. Essential oil aromatherapy is a quick and inexpensive solution to combat poor sleep, helping you relax physically and mentally. Lavender and vanilla are the more popular oils to help you sleep and can be added to an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer to disperse into the bedroom.

4) Emphasize symmetry with furniture placement. For an ideal sleep environment, it’s essential to think about the positioning of your furniture as this plays a role in the functionality and symmetry of your bedroom. For optimal balance, position your bed against the middle of a wall as far away from the door as possible, and with room on both sides. When lying in bed, you should be facing the door with your feet closest to the entrance. If possible, try to avoid lying with your head underneath the window.

5) Find your ideal pillow. To maintain spinal alignment while you sleep, the standard rule of thumb is to replace your pillow every 1 to 2 years. However, if you lie awake unable to get comfortable, or wake up with headaches, neck aches, and shoulder pains, you might consider finding a replacement earlier. When choosing pillow firmness—ranging from softer choices like down pillows to firmer choices like buckwheat pillows—keep your sleeping position in mind. Stomach sleepers tend to prefer a thin pillow, back sleepers find that medium support works best, while side sleepers favor thicker pillows. Furthermore, if you have allergies or asthma, hypoallergenic covers are an option, protecting from any allergens that may trigger your symptoms.

A relaxing sleeping environment includes the perfect mattress and bedding for you

6) Invest in a new mattress. It’s equally important to take into consideration your sleeping position as this will determine whether a soft or firm bed is the right choice for you. Whichever mattress type you’re leaning towards—perhaps memory foam, natural fiber, or a cooling and heating mattress—be sure to test out the options in-store. Even mail-order mattress companies offer free home trials. Although most mattresses last up to 10 years, the upfront cost can indeed be intimidating. If finances are tight, foam toppers can be added to your mattress as a comfort boost and to help prevent waking up stiff and achy. Some mattresses are designed with specific health conditions in mind, so check with your doctor when selecting a new mattress if you have sleep apnea, sciatica, scoliosis, etc.

7) Consider new sheets. When shopping around for sheets, you’ll notice that there are several different thread counts, weaves and materials to choose from. These all contribute to the warmth and softness of the sheets, and choosing the ideal bed sheets depends on the type of sleeper you are. Do you wake up in the middle of the night shivering, despite the endless layers covering you? Popular choices to combat the cold are fleece and jersey, followed by silk. Or maybe you wake up feeling as though you’ve been sleeping in a sauna. If this sounds like you, consider looking into materials like cotton and linen, or maybe even bamboo bed sheets. Designed for “hot sleepers”, bed sheets with breathable fabric and temperature-regulating properties trap in less heat to help you sleep through the night.

8) Discover the perfect bedspread. Offered in many different styles—from comforters and duvet covers to blankets and throws— these top layers give extra warmth and style to your bed. Every bedspread provides a different level of weight and texture and what works for your sleep environment and comfort is entirely up to you.

9) Paint your bedroom walls a soothing color. Color has a powerful effect on our mood and can influence our sleep quality by creating a calm environment.  Research shows that the best bedroom color for sleep is bluefollowed by yellow, green, and silver. Try to stick to neutral, pastel, or muted shades, as bold colors can trick the brain into thinking it needs to be alert.

10) Use a sound machine/conditioner. If you have a partner that snores, live on a busy street, or catch yourself lying awake lost in your thoughts, a white noise sleep machine might be just what you’re missing. Light sleepers may prefer an app that offers a variety of nature-like noises such as crashing waves or light rainfall. Or, a simple bedroom fan could do the trick for someone uncomfortable in pure silence.

Develop Healthy Habits for a Better Night’s Sleep

11) Select the ideal sleeping temperature. Whether you reside in Detroit, MI in the middle of winter, or Tampa, FL in the summer, the best temperature to support a healthy night’s sleep is usually between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this varies from person to person, and other elements in your environment—such as climate conditions, bedding type, and pajamas—can have an influence on your best temperature for sleeping. Some people tend to be warmer sleepers than others, which could also sway their ideal sleeping temperature. Nonetheless, temperatures over 75 and below 54 degrees Fahrenheit are sure to disrupt your sleep.

12) Refrain from sleeping with pets. You may think of your pet as a member of the family, so why wouldn’t you share your bed with them? 45 percent of Americans allow their dogs in bed but that may be what is causing your restless nights. Many people have allergies to cats and dogs that can be aggravated when sharing a bed. These allergens can linger in clothes, pillows, and bedding and could cause a reaction. With a wide range of styles of pet beds and crates to consider—such as a nesting bed, elevated bed, or a heating bed—it could be time to look into an alternate sleeping arrangement for your companion.

A puppy lying in the new dog bed to help improve his owner's quality of sleep.

13) Avoid caffeine consumption after 2 p.m. We’ve all been there—it’s 10 p.m. and you are still wired from that afternoon cup of joe. Research shows that consuming caffeine even 6 hours before bed can disrupt your sleep. If you rely on a daily afternoon pick-me-up, chances are your caffeine-infused stimulant could be affecting your sleep quality and duration. Begin your day with highly caffeinated drinks and slowly reduce your caffeine intake throughout the morning by switching to tea or decaffeinated coffee. You’ll definitely want to cut out caffeine altogether by 2 p.m.

14) Exercise regularly for better sleep. Exercise not only releases endorphins but also helps you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling well-rested. Even as little as 10 minutes of exercise at any time during the day can greatly increase sleep quality. Joining a local gym, meeting regularly with a personal trainer, or finding a physical activity that you enjoy are all ways to get a good sweat in. If you have a limiting schedule, you can even create an in-home gym for flexibility and convenience.

15) Create a nighttime routine. Most activities that many of us do in the evening—such as watching TV or using our phones—can be overstimulating. By staying consistent with a calming bedtime ritual, your body will recognize that it’s time for sleep, and screen time may not be as tempting. Your nighttime routine can be as simple as brushing your teeth, washing your face, flossing and maybe even enjoying a decaffeinated bedtime tea. The options are endless, and how you begin to wind down is ultimately up to you. Dim the lights, unwind, and relax.

16)  Avoid naps too close to the evening. While short power naps are encouraged and offer many benefits, long naps in the late afternoon and evening can have negative effects on your sleep quality. Instead, limit naps from 15 to 30 minutes in the early afternoon. This will increase your chances of waking up feeling rejuvenated while still being able to fall asleep easily come bedtime. Your circadian rhythm drops in the early afternoon—between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.—and can leave you feeling more sleepy and in need of a nap. This is the best time to doze off without disrupting your sleep at night.

17) Resist snoozing the alarm. You actually wake up more tired after snoozing your alarm, especially if hitting the snooze button multiple times is part of your routine. You can’t reach the restorative level of sleep between alarms, ultimately confusing your brain and throwing off the natural wake up process. If you sleep for seven to nine hours per night, your body shouldn’t need the extra sleep and could even begin waking up on its own before your first alarm goes off. Try gradually reducing the number of times you allow yourself to snooze the alarm clock until you are waking up after just the first.

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Buy a YOUR Pillow!

Learn more about our custom made, custom fit pillows by visiting –…

Did you know you can buy a pillow made just for you, custom fit to how you sleep? We custom make our pillows right here in the store for each of our customers. Our Fill Station pillows can be made from all natural latex, buckwheat hulls, down alternative fiber, soft poly foam and chill fill cooling memory foam.

A popular option is our 50/50 blend of all natural latex and chill fill cooling memory foam.

We make our pillows in standard, queen and king sizes. And offer a variety of pillow protection options from allergy proof to added cooling to help you drift off to sleep faster.

For peace of mind all of our Fill Station pillows come with a full 5 year adjustment guarantee. If your pillow goes flat or needs fill adjustment we will happily service your pillow for free for five full years.

Visit our stores today to be fit for your very own custom made, custom fit pillow.



Gardner’s Mattress & More Adjustable Bed Base Seminar

To learn more about our selection of bed bases visit –…

To sign up for one of our upcoming seminars please visit –…

We often have fun and educational seminars here at Gardner’s Mattress & More. This seminar, our Fountain of Youth Seminar, focused on the healthy benefits of an adjustable bed base and how having this powerful engine in your home under your mattress can help with with many sleep related issues.

Understand, we are not doctors here at Gardner’s and any health related topics we cover, should you have them, should be addressed specifically with your health professional.

That said, adjustable bed bases are proven to benefit those with the following issues…

  • Neck and back pain
  • Acid reflux and GERD
  • Joint discomfort and arthritis
  • Restless legs and circulation issues
  • Breathing, Apnea and of course snoring

Please enjoy this educational video and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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