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If you want it, we’ve got it!

The truth of the matter is…if you as a customer want a queen mattress ranging from $600 – $1000, the same price as the ones from those online companies that can be delivered to your front porch and where we pay the taxes, we have 13 models you can choose from.

Here is some more truth. The reason these online mattress companies are all the rage right now is for the very same reason they call me, my team and my vendors evil – marketing.

These online companies, 28 and counting, are very good story tellers…I mean marketers.

They all tell the story of how awful mattress store salespeople are – we’re trained to be the most high pressure, say and do anything to make a sale, close at all costs, wallet grabbing demons. In our store and in many of my fellow friends who are retailers, this couldn’t be further from the truth. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Next, they go on to highlight how we are evil profiteers enjoying 7-8 times mark up on our products. I can tell you right now this is just not true. And while yes we do make money, it is nowhere near 7 to 8 times our cost. And remember, none of these online companies are 501c3 charitable organizations either!

But, you know who does enjoy that high mark up? The very same companies telling you I’m an evil profiteer.

My business partner Jeff has an extensive background in the mattress industry and has done his research. From his research most of these companies have a cost of materials and labor of of about $200 – $300. Meaning that at least 300 – 500% of your purchase price is going into overheard, marketing, and the pockets of the Big Bankers on Wall Street’s pockets!

Bet you didn’t know that did you did you? And why would you, it’s convenient that as bombs are being lobbed at traditional mattress retailers by these online companies – some have taken on more than $60 million in money from Wall Street and the like! And we all know that Wall Street loves one thing and one thing only – profits at any cost!

Meanwhile back here in good ol’ Lancaster, PA, Jeff & I continue to operate a business that puts the customer first, our reviews speak for us. We employ 5 on our team and will likely add more people to our team this year, contributing to our community. Support our state with taxes (of all kinds) and are living the American Entrepreneur’s dream.

In our store, when shopping local, your wallet doesn’t have to be punished by high prices, nor does your back on those “one size fits all” mattresses.

We are happy to help you select the right mattress. In fact, we even have a blueprint for that! Plus, we offer a comfort guarantee!

So be sure to visit us…there is nothing you will sacrifice by investing your money with us to get a great night’s sleep that will help you wake up happy and pain free!

And when you come in on Mondays or Fridays you can shake my hand or Jeff’s, the owners, and you can look us in the eye. We stand behind everything we have to offer you and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Try that with those online guys who are owned by Wall Street hidden behind a computer screen.

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PS – Right now we have a great 10” mattress made in America that is Certi-Pur Certified for $850 including tax and delivery to your front door. If $600 including tax and front door delivery fits your budget we have that too! Ask to see the Gold Bond Serene 8” and 10” in our stores.

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