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Screwed by Wolf Furniture

Screwed By Wolf Furniture 

Two main questions we’ve heard throughout this process for our local neighbors are how do I get my money back from Wolf Furniture and what happens to my deposit at Wolf Furniture?

Sadly the result of Wolf Furniture’s demise is total closure and shut down due to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidation. When this happens those with deposits, gift cards and store credit on the books are classed as unsecured creditors.

At this point, you are in line with many other unsecured vendors like their vendors, advertisers, contractors, and of course the many other customers in the same position as you. Once the assets are all sold and the monies divided out the money will go to secured creditors first, then the judge sorts out the rest.

In the end unsecured creditors will get pennies on the dollars if anything at all. If you have a credit card deposit you should reach out to them ASAP to see if you’re able to get a chargeback through. If your purchase was financed you should reach out to the finance company to update them with your status.

Yet again, private equity companies ruined and destroyed a once good family-owned business.  

Overall, we are very disappointed to hear our Lancaster County neighbors lost their deposits and paid in full money towards orders placed with the Wolf Furniture as a result of their bankruptcy and store closing. 

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